Airports of Thailand – a Complete Guide for Passengers


Airports of Thailand is an airline passenger's definitive guide to air travel in the Land of Smiles. You will find information on airlines and routes, airport services, and ground transportation. Plus: flight reviews, business class lounge reviews, airport hotel reviews, and air travel tips.

How to Get the Most Out of Airline Loyalty Programmes

Cashing in your miles on airline loyalty programmes can at times prove a bit daunting, as Michael Taylor has  just found out. When all is said and done, however, persistence does pay off. It took some doing. But in the end, he scored a round trip ticket to Bali. And he still has miles to …

Does Traveling Make You Fat?

Early morning airline flights are such a drag! Michael Taylor hates them so much that he has frequently considered spending the night before departure at an airport hotel so that he could sleep in longer. A company in the United States has put together park, sleep, fly packages that make this an affordable alternative. Many People Put on Weight …