United States: Nine Things Business Travelers Fear Most on Airplanes


In fear of flying …

A few weeks ago I published some statistics on business travel.

According to ON24, 92% of respondents in a survey of 3,756 registrants at a major conference for virtual events users say that business travel isn’t getting any better.

Nearly half, meanwhile, think that things are not only not getting better, they are actually getting worse. These are some of the things that drive the business travelers taking this survey around the bend:

  1. The possibility of sitting next to a sick person (74.2%).
  2. The possibility of sitting in the middle seat (53%).
  3. Potential delays (50.6%).
  4. The possibility of sitting next to a baby or an annoying child (42.9%)
  5. The possibility of sitting next to an arm rest hog (42.9%)
  6. Security lines (40.9%).
  7. The possibility of sitting next to someone that snores (35%).
  8. The possibility of sitting next to a couple that can’t keep their hands off each other (26.4%).
  9. Rude airline employees (25.6%).


I could add a few of my own. How about …

  1. Sitting near someone playing a game with annoying sound effects.
  2. Earphones that “leek” sound into my space.
  3. Passengers that talk in excessively loud voices.
  4. Deciding what to take, packing, unpacking, and the worry of, “Will my bags be overweight?”
  5. Sitting in front of someone that keeps poking and jiggling my seat.
  6. The boring ride from home to the airport.
  7. Finding out that I’ve got to pay departure or arrival fees and only local currency or US dollars are accepted – and I have neither.
  8. Passengers that keep jumping up and playing with their stuff in the overhead compartment.
  9. Emerging from customs at an unfamiliar destination and not seeing those two magic words “Michael Taylor” written on a sign held by a friend’s driver or a hotel greeter.

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