This Is Not Your Chairman Mao’s China!

It’s late Saturday night (or early Sunday morning) in Guangzhou, China.

A couple of hours ago, I was on my way to the mini mart near the Crowne Plaza Guangzhou City Centre.

Half way there I noticed menacing looking characters in camouflage T-shirts and baggies with red armbands emblazoned with yellow Chinese characters on their upper arms.

Red Guards?  No, because they are wearing military helmets.

As they prowl the parking lot, a constant stream of people is entering and leaving the venue, Lily Marlene, which appears to be some sort of nightclub.

What in the world is going on?

Curiosity Kills the Cat

My curiosity gets the better of me, and I wander inside. To my surprise, there is no entrance fee as I run a gauntlet of semi-attractive young ladies in evening gowns (on the left) and more men in military uniforms (on the right).

There is a driving beat. Coloured lights are surveying the crowd. On a platform, I see an overweight young man in black leather pants singing passionately as young ladies in black leather bikinis gyrate around him.

And they have leather whips.

What sets the singer apart from male singers in Hong Kong is that he is NOT pretty … but he CAN sing. In fact, he can sing really, really well. He also has passion. And he has rhythm …

The young man finishes his song. He climbs down from his perch and is escorted by some military looking types to another platform, which he climbs upon, and commences yet another song.

This is NOT your Chairman Mao’s China!!!

No Dance Floor

There is no dance floor – because the entire club is one great big dance floor. People are gathered about tables drinking, eating, and dancing. They are dancing on platforms. They are dancing in the corridors. They are dancing on their ways to the rest rooms. They are dancing with abandon.

You just don’t this kind of energy in Hong Kong. And I wonder, yet again, why don’t I come to Guangzhou more often.

Copyright: Michael Taylor Pictured: Lily Marlene in Guangzhou, China Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer

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