Live from Guangzhou, China!

Michael Taylor (pictured left) is in Guangzhou, China, where he will review restaurants, check out hotels, do some sightseeing, and undergo spa treatments at the city’s newest and most luxurious spas.

His exploits will be published in real time in the Accidental Travel Writer. He will also have articles published in some of the print publications that he contributes to.

Michael is staying at the newly opened Crowne Plaza Guangzhou City Centre.

In this picture, he is sitting in the First Class compartment of the Guangzhou – Shenzhen Railway, waiting for the train to depart.

. . . . . . . . . .

My trip from Shenzhen to Guangzhou East took 70 minutes. But the entire trip from my home in Hong Kong’s Northeastern New Territories to the newly opened Crowne Plaza Guangzhou City Centre took nearly three hours.

Lengthy lines and confused taxi drivers lengthened the journey.

I will try to chronicle this journey in real time. I’ve tried this before, but couldn’t keep pace. Let’s hope I’m more successful this time!

Note: I will not have access to Facebook for the next eight days.

To Be Continued

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