Top 10 Gay Parades in 2020 – 50th Anniversary of the First March!

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2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the first gay pride march in New York and other cities. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a few parades have been cancelled. A few will go ahead with smaller than usual turnouts. And many will be held virtually for the first time. 

Most Gay Pride Parades in the United States are held in June, which is unofficially known as ‘Gay Pride’ month.

Where It All Got Started

The most historically significant Gay Pride Parade, of course, will be held later this month in New York City, where it all got started 50 years ago.

A guide to this weekend’s Top 10 Gay Pride Parades follows (with links for more information). Please note: while most of the parades are taking place on Sunday, and few are being held on Saturday.

We apologize for any mistakes or omissions.

  1. New York, New York the Future Is VIrtual will be the world’s largest pride parade, stepping off at 12 noon on Sunday 28 June 2020. 
  2. San Francisco, California – Generations of Hope will step off at at 11 am on Sunday 28 June 2020. 
  3. Chicago, Illinois – Chicago Pride Parade  – date to be announced. 
  4. Seattle, Washington – Seattle Pride will be celebrated virtually this year. The parade will resume in 2021. 
  5. Toronto, Ontario – Pride Toronto will be celebrated virtually this year. 
  6. San Antonio, Texas – Pride Bigger Than Texas Pride Parade will take place on Saturday 27 June 2020.
  7. Minneapolis, Minnesota – Twin Cities Pride – everything will be virtual this year on Saturday and Sunday  27 and 28 June 2020.
  8. San Diego, California – SD Pride – will be celebrated virtually on Saturday 2020.
  9. Houston, TexasHouston Pride Parade – date to be announced.
  10. Denver, Colorado – Denver Pride – will be held virtually this year. It will step off at 9.30 am on Sunday 21 June 2020.

Pride Parades Taking Place Later in the Year

Not all pride celebrations take place in June. Many celebrations have already taken place. And more will take place later in the year.

  1. London, England – Pride in London will hold a series of virtual events this year. The parade will resume in 2021.
  2. Paris, France – Marche des Fiertés LGBT  was originally scheduled for Saturday 27 June 2020. It will be held at a later date, which has not yet been decided.
  3. Amsterdam, Netherlands – Pride Amsterdam will not be held this year. It will resume in 2021 on 31 July.
  4. Vancouver, British ColumbiaVancouver Pride will stage a digital lineup of events this year on Sunday 2 August 2020.
  5. Atlanta, Georgia – Atlanta Pride Parade will be held on Sunday 11 October 2020. Step off time to be announced.
  6. Taipei, Taiwan – Taiwan LGBT Pride will kick off at 2 pm on Saturday 31 October.

More pride parades will be added to this list.

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