Top 10 Posts in the Accidental Travel Writer

Looking back over the last six months, I’ve noticed that some of my posts seem to have more staying power than others.

Some seem to be mere flashes in the pan, published and then quickly forgotten, whereas others continue to attract traffic long after their theoretical sell buy dates.

To try and get a grip on what really tickles my readers’ fancies, I decided to determine what were the Top 10 Posts over the last six months.

Common sense told me that older posts that weren’t of a timely nature would tend to score higher because they had been up longer and remained current, and in some cases that proved to be true.

There were three posts each from January and February. The review of a boutique hotel in Bangkok, which was published in March, rounded out the Top 10. But there were a few surprises.

The most popular post of all was published just three months ago. It was about the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

The oldest post to make the Top 10 list was published in November of 2010. Coming in sixth, it was on the Playboy Club’s opening in Macau.

The biggest surprise of them all was a post from July on a frequent flier that had racked up 10 million miles on United Airlines. Already in eighth place, it appears that with more time, it will surely climb quickly up the Top 10 list.


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