Top 10 Things to Take to the Beach This Summer

Sun block is not the only thing you need to take to the beach this summer. Consider toilet survival kits and frozen water. Photo Credit:

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Everyone knows you should take suntan lotion – or sun block – to the beach. But there are often other essentials that you might not think of until you get there.

Here is a list of items recommended by, which markets travel sized and single serving items, together with a few recommendations of our own.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel – Sunburn pain alleviator for the spots you might have missed (like the tops of your feet, ears, nose, or back of your knee).
  2. Lip Balm with Sun Protection – Important to bring a moisturizing lip balm that also contains a level of SPF
  3. Public Restroom Survival Kit – A collection of items to make the best out of a trip to the beach’s public restroom.
  4. Hair bands – Popular for women with long hair, having a few in a beach bag can help keep hair back
  5. Sunglasses – A lot of people don’t own them, but even a cheap pair can be helpful for the rays reflecting off the sand or water
  6. Snacks – Beach activities can be tiresome, and you don’t always want to trek to get food
  7. Drink mix – Water bottles are a must, but a powdered drink mix, like lemonade, can help enhance boring water
  8. Waterproof camera – Cell phone cameras are great, but you can’t get them wet, so a simple waterproof camera is great for getting shots down by the water, or in the water
  9. Lightload Beach Towel – You don’t want to have to use the towel you are laying on to dry yourself, and bring an extra can be bulky, but the Lightload Towel expands from the size of a hockey puck into a full sized towel
  10. Kid’s UV BraceletA great way to measure the sun’s UV level and determine when to re-apply sunscreen on kids, but can also be used by adults.


Here are some recommendations of my own.

  • Alcohol wipes are always a good idea. You might also want to consider a disinfectant.
  • Make sure that your bathroom survival kit includes toilet paper – especially if you’re going to the beach overseas, where it is not always provided. You might also want to include soap.
  • Nothing is worse than warm water. Consider freezing plastic bottles of water before leaving home.
  • Bring lots of coins for operating lockers and coin operated machines.
  • Bring plastic bags to carry wet bathing suits and towels in.
  • Old newspapers – you can stand on them if the changing room floors have become yucky.


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