United States: Top 5 Labor Day Travel Destinations and 5 Cheaper Substitutes

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The 3 day Labor Day weekend is thought of as the end of summer in the United States. Today we look at the top 5 Labor Day travel destinations and nominate 5 cheaper alternatives that could save you piles of money!

Chicago, Illinois, New York City, Las Vegas, Nevada, Boston, Massachusetts, and Atlanta, Georgia are the 5 most popular Labor Day travel destinations in the United States, research by Hotwire.com reveals.

They are also among the most expensive travel destinations in the United States.

A hotel room in New York City will set you back roughly US$200 a night. So why not travel to Toronto, Ontario, instead?

Toronto has New York’s big city feel – but hotel rooms there would only cost you much, much less.

Chicago might seem like a bargain compared to the Big Apple. But a hotel room in nearby Indianapolis, the bustling capital of Indiana, would cost you more than 50% less than a hotel room in Chicago.

Indianapolis is the cheapest spot to hang your hat on this top 5 list.

Boston vs Washington, DC

Forget about Bean Town!

If you want history, why not trade Washington, DC, for Boston – the second most expensive city on the list. Hotel rooms in the Nation’s Capital avearge 50% less than hotel rooms in Bean Town.

Each of these cheaper substitutes – whether it’s Reno rather than Las Vegas or St Louis rather than Atlanta – has a similar vibe as its more famous counterpart. They are also geographically roughly in the same part of the country.

Click on the cities below for back links to their official government tourism bodies for more information.

Top Five Cheaper Alternatives

1. Indianapolis – hotel rooms average 53% cheaper than Chicago.

2. Toronto – hotel rooms average 39% cheaper than New York.

3. Reno – hotel rooms average 19% cheaper than Las Vegas.

4. Washington, D.C. – hotel rooms average 50% cheaper than Boston.

5. St Louis – hotels rooms avearge 23% cheaper than Atlanta.

Figures are based on 2013 prices.

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