Thailand: When It Comes to Massage Treatments, Thais Do It Best

Travel Blogger Meet-up Part 10

After his Muay Thai lesson at True Fitness in Downtown Bangkok, Michael Taylor returns to the Hansar Bangkok, where a one hour massage treatment awaits him at the Luxsa Spa.

Whenever I have a spa treatment at a five star hotel, I am given a questionaire to fill out asking about my health and preferences. The questionaire at the Luxsa Spa at the Hansar Bangkok, however, is unique.

In addition to asking if I am pregnant and if I am taking any medication, this questionaire wants to know what month I was born in, my favourite season, my favourite colour, and my emotional type.

“This helps us determine what kind of oil to use,” Spa Manager Sujitra Bantip explains.

Based my respones, I am given two choices, and I choose rosemary and giner, which will “wake up the skin cells,” I am told.

Massage oils are chosen based on your personality type. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

Given several options to choose from, I decide on the Eastern Blend, which is described as “medium to strong with traditional Thai techniques.”

I have often thought that ambiance is 50% of the spa experience. Restful surroundings, calming music, and pleasant scents are as important as the massage itself. In this regard, Luxsa Spa does not disappoint.  The atmosphere is sublime.

I often have massages in China. I have also had massages in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, and Vietnam.

This massage reminds me that Thai massages really are the best. One of the key differences is that the masseuese or masseur often climbs up onto the massage table and kneels on top of you or uses their legs in the treatment.

Restful surroundings are as important as the massage itself. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

Whatever the reason, following my treatment I feel both relaxed and invigorated – ready to face the world!

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