Travelogue: After Spending 4 Weeks Living Out of Suitcases, It’s Good to Be Home

Balinese Adventure Part 41

Much to his surprise, Michael Taylor finds himself happy to return home, and it has a lot to do with his well-equipped office, which seems amazingly comfortable after spending 4 plus weeks living out of a suitcase.

I was not expecting to feel this way, but I am actually happy to be back home in my comfortable little flat in rural Hong Kong. A few short days ago I was thinking that I wanted give up Hong Kong and to move to Bali.

Have I had a change of heart? Still not sure. 

Bali gave me beautiful memories, wonderful new friends, some very cool tank tops, and a spectacular suntan. It also gave me a new lease on life. I actually feel 10 years younger than when I left Hong Kong 5 weeks ago.

But Bali gave me something else: a new appreciation for the comfortable (and inexpensive) lifestyle I have managed to carve out for myself in the Northern-most reaches of rural Hong Kong.

I’ve got taxi drivers that usually don’t try to rip me off. I’ve got an international airport that – thanks to my smart HKID card – doesn’t make me wait in endless lines. And there is not a motor scooter within earshot.

Motor scooters  have become ubiquitous in Bali, and they really do create a rather annoying din from which there is no respite.

Public Transport

In Hong Kong people either drive cars or they ride public transport. If they live on the outer islands, they ride boats.

In the New Territories, where I live, many people ride bicycles – or they walk. But motorcycles (and the noise that they generate) are almost non-existent.

Regarding trains, they run so frequently in Hong Kong that I rarely have to wait more than 5 minutes for the next train to arrive.

And then there is the well maintained infrastructure. I can walk down the street without fearing that I might fall into a ditch, which the government sees no need to fix. And everything is air conditioned.

I can also buy wine at any supermarket for about 1/8th the price of what I was paying in Bali. And then there is that wonderful, wonderful Chinese food!

Small Office, Home Office

Most important is my SOHO (small office, home office), which now seems so very spacious and comfortable after spending 4 plus weeks hopping between hotels.

Working at a computer always seems to be more difficult at a hotel, though some hotels are better than others. One hotel I stayed at had a great work space, but I kept losing my connection.

There was so much glare at a couple of the hotels I stayed at that I had difficulty seeing the screen during the day. And most of the hotels had inadequate lighting at night, making it difficult to see the keyboard.

Easier and Faster

At home everything seems easier and faster. I have a comfortable work station, a chair that rocks and supports my back, a lovely view, which I can look out on to give my eyes a rest every few seconds.

I have reference materials within reach, and a phone that I don’t have to walk half way across the room to answer.

I’ve also got a second screen, which makes all the difference in the world for a professional writer like me.

Best of all, I’ve unpacked and won’t have to pack (and unpack again) every other day – until, of course, my next trip.

I had a GREAT time in Bali. This really WAS my best trip ever. I met wonderful people, and I’m sure I’ll go back. For the time being, however, it’s good to be home.

  If my Balinese adventure has ended in real time, it will continue in Cyberspace. I’ve still got lots of hotels, restaurants, and spas to review as well as activities to tell you about.

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