Travelogue: Arrival in Japan at Tokyo Narita International Airport

Narita Express Cabin going to Tokyo

Narita Express

Following a five hour plus flight from Hong Kong on United Airlines, I arrived at Tokyo Narita International Airport cool as a cucumber. There were United Airlines aircraft all over the place. Surely this was a major hub for US based United Airlines.’

The advantages of flying Business Class continue after the flight ends. Your bags are the first to arrive at baggage claim. So you are on your way while everyone else is waiting impatiently.

No Long Lines

Maybe I was lucky, but customs at Narita were a breeze. No long lines. Then it was through those doors that glide open as you approach.

I scanned the crowd of greeters not sure if anyone would be holding a sign with my name on it. It had not been made clear to me if anyone would be greeting me or if I would have to make my own way to the hotel.

Not seeing anyone with a sign with my name on it, I decided to look for a way to get into town. I knew that Narita was a long distance from downtown Tokyo and that there was a train that could take me there.

I found the counter selling train tickets. When I purchased one on the Narita Express to downtown Tokyo, I was somewhat stunned that the next train heading in that direction would depart in about 40 minutes – almost as long as the trip!!!

I live in Hong Kong, where I become impatient if I have to wait more than two or three minutes for the next train to arrive.

Helpful Passengers

Things went smoothly. Helpful passengers prevented me from getting on the wrong train. When the train finally did arrive, it was comfortable and spacious. Seats were assigned. There were even toilets on board.

I had to change trains once. The entire trip took about one hour. Then I had to hail a taxi to take me to the Conrad Tokyo, where I would be spending the next three nights.

To Be Continued

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