Travelogue: Japanese Restaurant in Seminyak Serves Best Sushi This Side of Osaka

Balinese Adventure Part 11

The second resort Michael Taylor stays at on his Balinese Adventure has a Japanese restaurant. He decides to have dinner there on his fifth evening in the Island of Gods. What will his verdict be?

I spend two nights at One Eleven Seminyak, a stylish all-villa resort in Seminyak,Bali, Indonesia. On my second night, I have dinner at Shiro Sushi/Sake, the resort’s signature Japanese restaurant.

It’s always a good sign when the only language you hear spoken at a restaurant other than the local language is French. And the diners I overhear chatting in at the next table are speaking French.

Say what you want, the French know good food when they taste it! I can’t help but think, “I think I’m in for a treat!”

I start with 2 orders of salmon sushi followed by ebi-boiled prawns and assorted seafood tempura.

The tempura batter is slightly darker than usual – a sort of old gold colour – making me wonder if it is made with buckwheat flour. It is also sprinkled with some black flakes. When I ask what they are, I am told ‘shiso’, a dark green leaf, which obviously turned black in the cooking process.

The tempura is perfectly cooked – both light and crispy. I particularly like the dipping sauce, which is richly nuanced. I think it’s the best tempura dipping sauce I’ve ever had.

Yellow Tail Fish with Teriyaki Sauce

The star of the show is the yellow tail fish with teriyaki sauce. WOW! It is cooked to perfection. It is so meaty, in fact, that I keep wondering if the chef has served me chicken rather than fish.

No insult to fish! I’m talking about the meatiness of the fish. It’s firm, it has texture, it’s like, “With fish like this, who needs meat?” 

The yellow tail fish is served with yummy pickled cauliflower, halved baby carrots, and some tiny noodles.

A Japanese dinner wouldn’t be complete without green tea ice cream. It is creamy with a hint of crunch. It also has a yummy slightly burnt aftertaste.

Everything is washed down with two bottles of Sapporo beer.

Click here for more photos of Shiro Sushi/Sake


Shiro Bar/Sake, 3 Pangkung Sari, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia. Telephone: +62 361 730 594. 

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