Travelogue: Each Villa at Boutique Resort in Seminyak Has Its Own ‘Spa Gazebo’!

Balinese Adventure Part 10

The 2nd resort Michael Taylor stays at on his Balinese Adventure is an all-villa property, and each villa not only has a swimming pool long enough to do laps, it has a private ‘spa gazebo, as well!

Each one of the 9 villa compounds at One Eleven Seminyak in Bali, Indonesia, not only has a swimming pool long enough to do laps in (I swam for a full hour without even knowing it).

They also each have a private ‘spa gazebo’ with 2 beds – for ‘dual treatments’ (unfortunately, I didn’t need the 2nd bed).

Guests at the stylish all-villa resort receive a 5-minute ‘welcome foot massage’ on arrival, Further spa treatments can be booked throughout their stay. I had a 2-hour treatment shortly before checking out.

The 1st hour was a Balinese style body massage, which was amazingly soothing. I can’t remember much about it. I quickly fell sound asleep. All I can say is, I felt very relaxed when I woke up.

Pampering Pedicure

The 2nd hour was a pedicure. While I’ve had lots of body (and foot) massages in my life, I haven’t had many pedicures, and it was a very pampering experience.

There was more to it than the standard issue clipping and sanding of nails and the scraping off of callouses, which I’ve had done a few times in Shenzhen (until I got a nasty infection and stopped doing pedicures in the Southern Chinese city).

Cream was applied to the nails (to soften them) and they were left to soak. Then a 4-sided bar (each side with a different function) was used to buff the nails (and do other things, which I didn’t really understand).

And then some rough white stuff, which I assume was salt, was applied not only to my feet, but to my legs up to the knees to exfoliate them.

I know that pedicures are not considered ‘the manly thing to do’, but I must say, I enjoyed every minute of it. And my toenails SURE DO FEEL SMOOTH!!!


One Eleven Seminyak, No. 3 Pangkung Sari, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia. Telephone: +62 361 731343.

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