Washington State: South of the Border, Through Bellingham to Seattle

Pacific Northwest Travelogue Part 5

Michael Taylor continues his journey south through northern Washington State, enthralled by the bucolic landscape. When he gets off the bus in Bellingham, the air is so clear he can smell the trees. 

After clearing US customs, we got back on our bus and continued our journey south.

There was a marked change in the scenery. It was as though we were driving through a forest. I didn’t bother reading the reading materials I had brought. I was entranced by the on-going parade of trees.

Bellingham, Washington, is about 52 miles south of Vancouver and 21 miles south of the Canadian border. It is 90 miles north of Seattle. 

From the windows of the bus, I could see a large number of historic buildings, lots of trees, and lots of flowers. It was our first stop south of the border and our only rest stop. We were allowed to disembark and get something to eat or buy souvenirs.

When I got off the bus, OMG! The air was so fresh and clear that I could actually smell the trees! The bus station was also a train station – and a dock for boats going to Alaska.

I couldn’t help but think that it would have been nice to spend the night there before continuing on my way to Seattle.

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