Travelogue: Unexpected Surprise on Way Back to Hotel from Open Air Market

Balinese Adventure Part 5

On his first full day in Bali, Michael Taylor is taken to market to buy vegetables for his cooking class. On his way back to the hotel, he stumbles across a  colourful festival as he is driven past a Hindu Temple.

Early on my first full day in Bali, Nyoman Mustika, Executive Chef at Ametis Villa Bali, drives me to the Pipitan Market in Cangcu, Bali, Indonesia, to buy fresh produce for the cooking class he will teach in my villa later that morning.

“We will only buy fruit and vegetables at the market,” Mustika explains. “The meat and fish will be purchased elsewhere by someone else.”

A few steps into the open air market, and I understand why. The fruit and vegetables look absolutely yummy.

And the venders are busy making the lovely religious offerings, which the Balinese – devout Hindus – decorate the landscape with daily, are a sight to behold. 

I can assure you, you would NOT want to buy (or consume) fish or meat at that market! Let your imagination figure out why!

Click Here for More Photos of Pipitan Market

Hindu Festival

On our way back to the hotel, there is an unexpected surprise. As we approach the Pura Dalem Kayuangan Temple, Hindu devotees are heading to and fro. 

They are beautifully dressed. Some of them are carrying spectacular offerings balanced perfecly on their heads!

For them, well, it’s part of their daily rouine. For me? Well, how can I explain? I’m enthralled!!!

Some of them are stopping to pray at shrines. Others are heading straight for (or from) the temple.

Many of them are arriving (or leaving) on motor scooters.

“You are very lucky,” Mustika says. “Festivals like this happen only once every few months. And they differ from village to village.”

Mustika asks if I’d like to stop. I say, “Yes!”

When I ask if it would be considered disrespectful to take pictures, he assures me that no one will mind. Many of the women I photograph, in fact, actually smile and thank me after their photos has been taken.

Click Here for More Photos of the Festival

Cooking Class (Part 1)

My villa has an outdoor kitchen, dining room, and living room. This is where the cooking lesson will take place.

A few hours later, kitchen staff arrive with all of the ingredients needed for a 4 course lunch – 3 Balinese dishes and an Indonesian dessert.

Mustika (the Executive Chef), Akiko Yokoshima, the hotel’s General Manager, and Dika, my Personal Butler, follow.

When Mustika starts to explain things, Akiko and Dika seem as interested in the proceedings as I am.

Let the cooking lesson begin!


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