Restaurant Review: Hotel Maid Recommends Mexican Eatery Serving World’s Yummiest Enchiladas

Pacific Northwest Travelogue Part 12

With Whole Foods just 2 blocks from his Seattle motel, Michael Taylor has little reason to eat out. He mostly gets yummy, reasonably priced, and very healthful salads and sandwiches, which he takes back to his room. However …

My motel room has an empty refrigerator (instead of a mini bar), a small sink, a microwave, and a coffee maker. Simple breakfasts are included with the price of the room.

Since there is a Whole Foods just 2 short blocks from my motel room, there isn’t really much reason to eat out.

Instead, I head to the market after breakfast each morning, stocking up on yummy, reasonably priced, and what seem to be very healthful salads and sandwiches, which I eat in my room for lunch and dinner most days.

The woman that cleans my room is from Mexico, and we quickly establish rapport.

Each day when she tidies up my room, we chat, and most of our conversations are about food – Mexian food to be precise.

She seems determned to teach me Spanish. When I say something to her in English, she translates it into Spanish. She seems genuinely pleased when I repeat things after her.

As a result, I can now say, “Yo me gusta la comida mexicana!” – or, “I like Mexican good!”

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After a few days, I ask my hotel maid if she can recommend a good Mexican restaurant in the neighborhood. She says that there is a very good Mexican restaurant just 3 block from my motel.

“I love their enchiladas,” she says enthusiastically. “You should try them.”

With this knowledge, I head to Dos Amigos for lunch the very same day. I order a combination plate with 2 enchiladas – one beef and one pork.

They come smothered in rancheiro sauce and covered in melted cheese. There are also black beans, rice, salsa, and a big dollop of sour cream on top

“OMG!” I think when I’m presented with my platter.

“Doesn’t THIS look good!”

Pork Tacos

The restaurant menu runs from quesadillas and nachos to sonora style tacos, tostadas, enchiladas, taco salads, burritos, and combination plates.

I return the next day and try the pork tacos! OMG! They come slathered with guacamole!

I’m disappointed, however, when I learn that the restaurant will close following day because it’s a holiday – and the day after that because it’s a Saturday. And that will be my final day in Seattle.

I’m kicking myself for not asking my hotel maid earlier if she knew of any good Mexican restaurants in the neighborhood. If I had, I could have eaten my way through the menu during my 9 night stay in Seattle.

But it could have been worse. If I HAD discovered this restaurant earlier in my trip, I probably WOULD have eaten there every day. And I probably WOULD have put on 5 or 10 pounds during my 9 night stay!

So I’m thankful for small favours.


Dos Amigos Fresh Mexican, 2301 – 5th Avenue Suite 103, Seattle, Washington. Telephone: (206) 770-0707.


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