United States: Top Five Ways to Tour the Grand Canyon

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If you plan on visiting the Grand Canyon in the United States, why not leave your car at home?

“While most of the Grand Canyon’s four million visitors will arrive in their personal cars and drive them around the park, there are many reasons to either ditch the car entirely and arrive at the park by train or park the car once you get here and use other modes of transportation to explore,” says Jon Streit, general manager of Xanterra South Rim.

“Car-free vacationing can be surprisingly easy. Our car-less visitors are free to sit back and enjoy the scenery.”

Environmentally Responsible Travel

Leaving your car behind will leave a smaller carbon footprint. It will also be a lot more fun, as these visitors (pictured above) discovered touring the park through the snow by mule.

You can can park your car for free at several parking lots around the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. The National Park Service provides a free shuttle system that picks up every 15 minutes and will deliver you to a variety of destinations, including all of the in park Grand Canyon National Park Lodges.

Once in the park, you can get around by train, mule, motorcoach, or bicycle as well as on foot – the five best ways to see the Grand Canyon.


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