Wheel2Wheel Update: Eight Countries in 90 Days

You remember Morgan Parker, the investment banker turned philanthropist and adv enture seeker!

Has it really been three months since he roared across the Lok Ma Chow border from Hong Kong to China on his epic Wheel2Wheel journey for charity?

Morgan has now been on the road for 90 days, having visited eight countries so far: Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Negotiating everything from modern highways to winding mountain passes to narrow gravel and dirt trails to seemingly impassable mud tracks, Morgan has endured everything from freezing cold to baking heat to torrential rain.

Morgan has suffered from hypothermia, heat exhaustion, and even a head-on collision. He has encountered cultures from the ancient to the modern, reaching out to young and old, rich and poor.

His journey so far has presented challenges, variety, and promise – all in the name of philanthropy and adventure.

 Wheel2Wheel continues its efforts to raise money and awareness for 10 brilliant, grass-roots charitable organisations as Morgan Parker steadily makes his way across Asia and Australia riding his trusty, “unstoppable” BMW F800GS motorcycle, filming a television documentary along the way.

To Be Continued Tomorrow



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