Top 10 New England Patriots Sports Bars


New England Patriots fans at a sports bar in Southern California.

American Football

The New England Patriots will face the Tennessee Titans in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs on 13 January at Gillette Stadium. Here are 10 sports bars in the area and 10 other parts of the country where you can root for the Pats.

James White is expected to play as the first-seeded New England Patriots take on the fifth-seeded Tennessee Titans at home in their bid to make a repeat visit to the Super Bowl.

There will be an 89% chance of rain on game day with an estimated high of 44 degrees and gusts of up to 15 miles per hour.

Tickets and scarce and costly. With weather conditions like this, you might want to watch the game in the comfy confines of a well-heated sports bar in the company like other Patriots fans.

Sports Bars Friendly to New England Patriots Fans 

Boston, Massachusetts, is home to a large community of Irish Americans, and many of them have settled in other parts of the United States. And many of them continue to be loyal to their hometown’s football team, the New England Patriots.

For this reason, Patriots games are likely to be aired in most Irish pubs – not only in Boston itself, in the rest of New England, and in other parts of the United States, but in Ireland, as well.


New England Patriots fans at the Connecticut Yankee in San Francisco, California.



New England Patriots fans at the Connecticut Yankee in San Francisco, California.



New England Patriots fans at the Connecticut Yankee in San Francisco, California. Here are some of the top sports bars for fans of the New England Patriots. Many of them serve authentic New England style grub.

According to Sports Illustrated, The Four’s in Boston, Massachusetts, is the Number One sports bar in the United States.

The Four’s is a favoured hangout – not only for sports fans, journalists and even athletes also like to hang out at the popular sports bar!

Because the New England Patriots have a national fan base, I’ve doubled the number of listed bars, with two listings: one for New England and another for the rest of the country.

Boston Baked Beans, Anyone?

The following sports bars are considered friendly to New England Patriot fans. However, bars sometimes close and fans sometimes migrate to different locations.

Also, bars sometimes decide to broadcast a different event. Always call first to make sure the game you want to watch will be broadcast.

  1. The Fours Boston – 166 Canal Street, Boston, Massachusetts. Telephone: (617) 720-4455.
  2. McGreevy’s – 911 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts. Telephone: (617) 262-9011. – America’s First Sports Bar.
  3. CBS Scene Restaurant and Bar – 200 Patriot Place, Foxborough, Massachusetts. Telephone: (508) 203-2200.
  4. Cask ‘n Flagon – 2 Brookline Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts. Telephone: (617) 536-4840.
  5. Jakes and Joes Sports Bar and Grille – 475 Boston Providence Highway, Norwood, Massachusetts. Telephone: (781) 349-4880.
  6. Scoreboard Sports Bar and Grill – 15 Middlesex Canal Park, Woburn, Massachusetts. Telephone: (781) 897-4000.
  7. The Halfway Café, 820 Boston Post Road, Marlborough, Massachusetts. Telephone: (508) 480-0688.
  8. Boston Beer Works – 110 Canal Street, Boston, Massachusetts. Telephone: (617) 896 2300.
  9. Game On! – 82 Lansdowne Street, Boston, Massachusetts. Telephone: (617) 351 7001. 
  10. Snookers – 53 Ashburton Street, Providence, Rhode Island. Telephone: (401) 861-6281.

Where to Root for the Patriots Outside New England

The following sports bars are considered friendly to New England Patriot fans. Bars sometimes close and fans sometimes migrate to different locations.

Also, bars sometimes decide to broadcast a different event. Always call first to make sure the game you want to watch will be broadcast.

  1. Kelly’s Landing New England Seafood – 1305 Southeast 17th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Telephone: (954) 760 7009. 
  2. Barney’s Beanery – 99 East Colorado, Pasadena, California. Telephone: (626) 405-9777.
  3. The Connecticut Yankee  -100 Connecticut Street, San Francisco, California. Telephone: (415) 552 4440.
  4. Tripoli Tap – 1147 West Armitage Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Telephone: (773) 477-4400.
  5. Beantown Tavern – 130 Matthews Station Street, Matthews, North Carolina. Telephone: (704) 849-2023.
  6. D. Riley’s Irish Pub and Restaurant – 204 East 6th Street, Austin, Texas. Telephone: (52) 494-1335.
  7. Murphy’s Alexandria – 713 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia. Telephone: (703) 548-1717
  8. Nick’s Place – 2713 Rockyridge Drive, Houston, Texas. Telephone: (713) 780=8338.
  9. Tir Na Nog Penn Station – 254 West 31st Street, New York, New York.  Telephone: (212) 630-0249
  10. Little Bar – 757 South Labrea Avenue, Los Angeles, California. Telephone: (323) 937-9210.

Patriots Team History

The New England Patriots are an American football team that competes in the East division of the American Football Conference (AFC) of the National Football League (NFL).

The football team plays home games at Gillette Stadium in the town of Foxborough, Massachusetts.

The football stadium is located 21 miles (34 kilometres) southwest of downtown Boston and 20 miles (32 kilometres) northeast of downtown Providence, Rhode Island.

The New England Patriots were originally called the Boston Patriots. They were one of the founding members of the American Football League (AFL), which merged with the National Football League in 1970.

The team’s name was changed when it moved to Foxborough in 1971.

The New England Patriots are one of the most successful football teams in NFL history. The football team has made nine appearances in the Super Bowl, more than any other football team.

The New England Patriots, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Dallas Cowboys have all won the Super Bowl five times. Only one team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, has won the Super Bowl more times.

The Patriots’ key rivals are the New York Jets. It is considered one of the most bitter rivalries in the NFL.

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12 Replies to “Top 10 New England Patriots Sports Bars”

  1. The last time I was in Sonny McLean’s I was so disappointed. The owners sold to an Aussie who loves Boston – but I just don’t think “gets it.” The menu was totally changed, the server thought haddock was a beer, and whole belly Ipswich clams aren’t even on the menu as an entrée any more (you can ask).
    ALL the memorabilia was gone – even the podium where the World Series trophy once sat, that I use to touch like an altar when I would come in.
    I’ve never been back. Sonny McLean’s once upon a time was probably the best all things Boston sports bar outside of eastern Mass – now it’s a sham.


  2. You’ve left out a bar in Seattle that is packed with Patriots fans (50 to 100) for every game. It’s called Spitfire (2219 4th Ave., Seattle, WA 98121. The Boston Sports Fan Group of Seattle meets there for all Patriots games as well as for other Boston sports. We take over the whole back room there. It’s not a “Boston bar” per se, but they have bent over backwards to welcome Patriots fans since 2007. Please include it on your list.
    Also if anyone in the Seattle area who would like to connect with the big Boston fan group there, we can be found on Facebook –


  3. We are delighted to be on here in Austin, but we B. D. Riley’s now features TWO Patriots bars in our fair city, BOTH our pubs host Pats gatherings! Texas’ largest New England Patriots Fan Club and game watch group, headquartered at B. D. Riley’s Irish Pub – Downtown 204 East 6th St, Austin, TX 78701 Tel: 512-494-1335 and Pats Fans also meet at our second pub location, B. D. Riley’s Irish Pub at Mueller 1905 Aldrich St, Austin TX 78723 Tel: 512-580-3PUB


  4. Yes we agree Kelly’sLanding in Fort Lauderdale is a great place to watch the game . They have great food , friendly staff and also $5 appitezer specials during the game. The place has been there 30 years . The sound is always on during the games. So stop by for a cold beer and great food anytime.


  5. Beantown tavern is a great place to watch the Patriots or anything Boston sports related! Donnie runs a great establishment and is also so supportive of the community! If you haven’t been your missing a great pub!


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