Things to Do in Sweden in June

Torsjo Live Festival takes place in the open field of a tiny hamlet in Northern Sweden. Photo Credit: Jakub Johansson.

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Is June a good time to visit Sweden? The days in Sweden in June are long and mostly sunny, and there are lots of activities, from live concerts to outdoor music festivals, a fascinating film festival, and three  important national holidays.  

Stockholm Early Music Festival – 4 to 9 June

Rheinische Kantorei/ Das Kleine will perform at the Stockholm Early Music Festival. Photo Credit: Thomas Kost.

The 17th annual Stockholm Early Music Festival will be held in Stockholm’s Old Town.

The festival is the largest international event for baroque, renaissance, and medieval music in Northern Europe.

The programme will include lunch, afternoon, and evening concerts, seminars and masterclasses.

Sweden Rock Festival – 5 to 8 June

Rock group Survivor perform at the Sweden Rock Festival in 2013. Photo Credit: Staffan Vilcans.

The Sweden Rock Festival is one of the most popular rock and metal festivals in Scandinavia.

Established in 1992, the music festival will feature performances on five stages across four days.

Acts will include KISS, Def Leppard, Slayer, and Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow.

Although the music will be strong on heavy metal, the festival is a family friendly event.

Norje is a hamlet with a population of just 657 people. It has hosted the Swedish Rock Festival since 1998.

Swedish National Day – 6 June

Swedes celebrating Swedish National Day in Stockholm, Sweden. Photo Credit: Bengt Nyman.

The National Day of Sweden is observed on 6 June every year.  The holiday honours the election of King Gustav Vasa to the throne in 1523 and the adoption of a new constitution in 1806. Both of these events took place on 6 June.

However, the National Day of Sweden is a relatively low-key event. Instead, Midsummer’s Eve, which is celebrated on a Friday in late June, is taken much more seriously by most Swedes.

Summerburst – 7 to 8 June

wasted-penguins-performing in Sweden in 2016.
Wasted Penguins performing at Summerburst in Sweden in 2016. Photo Credit: Caesar.

Summerburst – Göteborg is a massive two day electronic dance music festival. Held in  Göteborg Ullevi stadium, it is the city’s biggest outdoor dance party of the year.

Now in its eighth edition, Summerburst features a lineup of some of the biggest names in dance music. It is held across two days.

There are three stages and breathtaking  pyrotechnics.

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden. Gothenburg is known as Goteborg in Swedish. It is about halfway between Copenhagen, Denmark, and Oslo, Norway.

Gothenburg is 397 kilometers, or 247 miles, from Stockholm. If you want to fly, the flight will take about 45 minutes.

Whit Sunday – 9 June

Outdoor picnics are popular on Whit Sunday. Photo Credit: August Dellert.

Whit Sunday is a Christian holiday. It is also known as Pentecost. It celebrates when the Apostles and disciples were visited by the Holy Sprint.

The celebration of Whit Sunday in Sweden usually begins the night before, when families enjoy a large meal together.

Because Whit Sunday usually happens at the same time that the weather in Sweden warms up, many Swedes celebrate the holiday outdoors.

Whit Sunday is 50 days after Easter. Therefore, it falls on a different day each year. Whit Sunday will fall on 31 May in 2020.

Midsummer Eve – 22 June

A family picnic on Midsummer’s Eve in Sweden. Photo Credit: Carolina Romare/

Midsummer Eve falls on a Friday between 19 and 26 June. It falls on 22 June in 2019.

Because the holiday closely coincides with the Summer Solstice, it is one of the longest days of the year.

To Swedes, the holiday marks the start of summer.

Midsummer Eve is Sweden’s second most popular holiday. Find out why HERE.

Bergman Week – 24 to 30 June

Swedish Producer Ingmar Bergman, with a camera. Photo Credit; Wikimedia Commons.

Ingmar Bergman (1918 – 2007) is Sweden’s most prolific director, writer, and producer. He produced more than 60 films and directed more than 170 plays.

Bergman Week is held each summer on Faro, the small island Bergman once called home.

There are screenings of Bergman’s film and concerts. Click HERE for more information.

Torsjo Live Festival – 28 to 29 June

Torsjo Live Festival-in-Sweden
Torsjo Live Festival is held in Vastra Torup. Photo Credit: Jakub Johannson.

The hills of Northern Sweden come alive each summer with the sounds of music at the Torsjö Live Festival, which has a programme of art, talks, food, the environment, and music.

The festival is held outdoors, with a grassy field as the floor and trees as the walls

The festival is held in Vastra Torup, a tiny hamlet in Skane County in Northern Sweden.

Lolapalooza Stockholm – 28 to 30 June

Foo Fighters performing live in Newcastle, England. Photo Credit: Mojo Jo.

Lollapalooza is an international music event that was launched in Chicago, Illinois, in 1991.

In addition to the United States, the music festival has been staged in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, France, and Germany.

Lollapaloozza will be staged in Sweden for the first time this year at Lalapalooza Stockholm. More than 70 artists will perform across four stages in Gärdet.

Travis Scott, Foo Fighters, and Lana Del Rey will make their Scandinavian debut.

In addition to music, Lollapalooza will offer mind-blowing selection of food and drink.  More than 40 restaurants will serve mouth-watering bites at several venues in the park.

There will be special sections for wine and beer.

In addition, Kidzapalooza will offer entertainment and activities for families with children.

Gärdet is a park in the middle of Stockholm. It is a five minute walk from Karlaplan, the closest metro station. It is a 25 minute walk from Stockholm Central Station.

Weather in Sweden in June

There is something about the Swedish summer. If summer days in Sweden are incredibly long, they are longest in June. In the country’s far north, in fact, the sun never sets.

Stockholm Weather in June

Stockholm is Sweden’s largest city and the nation’s capital.

Built on a series of islands, Stockholm is a stunningly  beautiful city with countless lakes, bays, canals, and wetlands.

June is one of the warmest months of the year in Stockton, and boating is a popular activity. It also has the longest days, with an incredible 18-plus hours of sunshine.

The average high temperature in Stockholm in June is 21 degrees Celsius, or 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature drops to an average low of 11 degrees Celsius, or 52 degrees Fahrenheit.

There is an average of 12 hours of sunshine in Stockholm in June, making it the sunniest month of the year. An average of 45 millimeters or rain falls in June. There is an average of 12 rainy days.

Gothenburg Weather in June

Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city. It is located on the country’s west coast.

Summers in Gothenburg are pleasant. The average high is 19 Celsius, or 66 Fahrenheit; the average low is 11 degrees Celsius, or 11 degrees Fahrenheit.

There is an average of eight hours of sunshine in Gothenburg in June. The city gets an average of 63 millimeters of rainfall,. There is an average of 11 rainy days.

Things to Do in Sweden in June is the first in a series of travel guides to Sweden.


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