Australia: 25% of Hotel Guests Say They Ran Naked in Public Areas


Are Australians party animals when they travel?

That is what a survey conducted in Australia seems to suggest.

In the survey, one in four Aussies confessed to having held parties in their hotel room, nearly 25% said they had run naked in a public area of a hotel, and a mild-boggling 70% admitted to having taken as long as 10 minutes to figure out how to turn on a hotel shower.  

Was that before or after they started drinking?

More than 1,000 Australians were interviewed in the survey.

“Overall, Australians like to relax and unwind when staying in a hotel room,” says James Gaskell, Managing Director of Zuji,com Australia and APAC.

“Sleeping in late, having access to free breakfast and Wi-Fi, and finding a hotel which provides good value for money are major priorities.  However, some of our survey results were surprising, to say the least.”  

Green Unfriendly Travelers?

Many Australian hotels guests admitted to getting an extra room key so that they could keep the air-conditioning on when they were not in the room. They also took long showers and wanted fresh towels each day.  

“Surprisingly, the naughtiest age group we found were those aged 45-55!” James says .

“The results of our survey consistently showed that this demographic was the most likely to have done a ‘nudie run’ and hold room parties.”  

Survey Findings  

  • More than half of survey respondents choose their hotel based on price and value rather than reviews or location.
  • One in 10 Australians won’t stay in a hotel that doesn’t provide free breakfast and free Wi-Fi.  
  • Nearly one third of Australians complained about checkouts being too early.
  • More than one fourth of Australians said that breakfast finished too early.  
  • Fully 40% of Australians admitted to smuggling a group of friends and family into a room they’d booked for just one or two people. 
  • Nearly one third of Australians had smuggled out breakfast from the buffet.  
  • A staggering 70% of Australians admitted to taking “abnormally” long showers during their hotel stays.
  • More than one in six Australians have had an extra key made at reception so they can leave the air conditioning on while they are out.  
  • Nearly one in four Australians have taken a “nudie run” through a hotel corridor.
  • About 10% of Australians regularly hold room parties.


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