Aviation: United Airlines Friendly Skies Go Flyer Friendly!

Airline Marketing

United Airlines has updated its “Fly the Friendly Skies” branding campaign with a new slogan: “Flyer Friendly”. The alliterative expression is so obvious that you can’t help but wonder why it too so long for somenone to come up with it.

The term “user friendly” has come to represent the embodiment of “service, techonogy, and produce enhancements”, customer feedback indicated.

All this time I just thought that “user friendly” just meant that something was “easy to use”.

Whatever …

“ ‘Flyer-friendly’ resonated in feedback from our customers and co-workers,” says Tom O’Toole, United’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Loyalty and President of MileagePlus.

“Our new brand campaign expresses the customer focus of all of United’s investments.”

The new “Flyer Friendly” marketing campaign will be run across broadcast, print, and social media. Gershwin’s classic musical score, “Rhadody in Blue” – United Airlines’ theme song since 1987 – will continue to be used as “background music”.

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