Top 10 Detroit Pistons Sports Bars

Little Caesars Arena in midtown Detroit, Michigan, is home of the Detroit Pistons and the Detroit Red Wings. Photo Credit: Adam Bishop.

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If you can’t attend the NBA playoffs in person, there are many sports bars in Michigan that broadcast Pistons games. These are some of the best Detroit Pistons watch bars in Detroit, where you can root for the Pistons with other Pistons fans.

Detroit Pistons Team History

The Detroit Pistons are a professional American basketball team. They play in the Central Division of the Eastern Conference of the  National Basketball Association (NBA).

The Pistons plays home games at the Little Caesars Arena, a multi-purpose sports facility in midtown Detroit. The team shares the arena with the Detroit Red Wings of the National  Hockey League (NHL).

The Pistons were established in Fort Wayne, Michigan, in 1941 as the Fort Wayne Zoliner Pistons. The name was changed to Fort Wayne Pistons in 1948.

The team moved to Detroit in 1957 and was renamed the Detroit Pistons.

The Detroit Pistons have won nine division titles, seven conference titles, and three NBA championships.

Best Detroit Pistons Sports Bars in Motor City

Here are 10 of the best sports bars in Detroit to root for the Detroit Pistons – next to Little Caesars Arena, of course.

Not all of these watch bars are exclusively Detroit Pistons sports bars, but they do tend to attract lots of Pistons fans on game day.

  1. Nemo’s1384 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. Telephone: (313) 965-3180. FACEBOOK
  2. Harry’s Detroit – 2482 Clifford Street, Detroit, Michigan.Telephone: (313) 964-1575.  FACEBOOK
  3. Thomas Magee’s – 1408 East Fisher Freeway, Detroit, Michigan. Telephone: (313) 263-4342. FACEBOOK
  4. Detroiter Bar – 655 Beaubien Street, Detroit, Michigan.  Telephone: (313) 963-3355. FACEBOOK
  5. Detroit Beer Company – 1529 Broadway, Detroit, Michigan. Telephone: (313) 962-1529. FACEBOOK
  6. 24 Grille – 204 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. Telephone: (313) 964-3821.  FACEBOOK
  7. Anchor Bar – 450 W Fort Street, Detroit, Michigan.  Telephone: (313) 964-9127.  FACEBOOK
  8. Cheli’s Chili Bar47 East Adams Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. Telephone: (313) 961-1700. FACEBOOK
  9. Level 2535 Monroe Avenue, Detroit, Michigan.  Telephone: (313) 420.1990.  FACEBOOK
  10. Red Smoke573 Monroe Street, Detroit, Michigan. Telephone: (313) 962-2100, FACEBOOK
  11. Coaches Corner – 220 Bagley Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. Telephone: (313) 818-3276 FACEBOOK

Best Detroit Pistons Bars in Other Cities 

Sometimes fans migrate to other bars, sometimes bars close, and sometimes they are booked for special events. Always call ahead to make sure that the game you want to watch will be broadcast.

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