Britain: Raider Fans Maraude Through the Streets of London, Painting the City Silver and Black!

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UK Oakland Raider fans organise sightseeing tours of London by double decker bus, stopping at the coolest sites that the Capital of Cool has to offer. Our OFFICIAL correspondent goes along for the ride and shares his pix.

Silver and Black UK organised scenic tours of London for fans of the Oakland Raiders. The tours took place on Friday 26 September 2014 aboard London’s iconic double decker buses.

Except these are double decker buses with a difference. They had an open air upper deck!

Marcus Marsden is the OFFICIAL London correspondent for the Accidental Travel, representing the Raider Nation in Britain. He goes along for the ride and share his thoughts – and his pictures.

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Capital of Cool 

Taking one of the double decker bus tours of the British capital, Marcus Marsden – our offcial UK correspondent – files this live report from London:

“The party got off to a crazy, colourful, and raucous start this morning, as the Raider Nation took to the streets of London in order to announce their presence to the locals and a lot of slightly bemused tourists.

“Suffice to say: Mission Accomplished!”

Marauding Through the Streets of London

With characters like these intimidateing Oakland Raider fans roamng the streets, will  London, England, ever be the same?

“Festooned with flags, costumes, and some booming chants, the Raider Nation took the capital city by storm for 2 hours.

We charged around all the familiar landmarks: Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, The Tower of London, and many, many more.

“Locals could hardly believe their eyes and stopped work to take in the spectacle. Tourists could not believe their luck and snapped away for unique photos, never seen before in London’s history.”

Raider Fans as Photo Opps

Forget Big Ben, Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament, and the London Eye!  Who are these menacing dudes decked out in Silver and Black, bypassing tourists can’t help but wonder.

“Whenever we came across another tour bus, all the tourists immediately forgot the London landmarks and started taking photos of us!

“Who could blame them with Raider Nation regulars like Crusader Raider, Raiders Nerd, Senor Raider , and others in costumed attendance?”

Thank You, Silver and Black UK!

When push comes to shove, it was all made possible by some passionate Oakland Raiders fans based on the other side of the pond!

These die-hard Raider fans laid out a Silver and Black welcome mat and extended a Silver and Black key to the city, making Oakland fans feel as though London was their Home Away from Home – after San Diego, of course!

“A big shout out to Oli de Ruyter and Tony Law, who are the 2 guys responsible for organising the bus tour of London and the Raider Nation events taking place this weekend.

“Tony and Oli have put in a lot of hard work – and it really paid off today. This did a fantastic job!

“They both play QB in the British leagues, by the way …

“The event was also covered by Sky Sports for UK TV, so watch out for TV coverage, too!”

All of which goes to prove, the Raider Nation knows no international boundary!

Marcus Marsden of Singapore has been appointed as the OFFICIAL London correspondent for the Accidental Travel Writer to represent the Raider Nation in in Britain.

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