Sports: Social Media Helps Raider Fans Connect as Silver and Black Invasion of London Heats Up

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Oakland Raider fans from Europe and across the pond are descending on the Capital of Cool in the run-up to Sunday’s Raiders-Dolphins matchup. Die hard British Raiders fan Marcus Marsden reports LIVE from London!

Marcus Marsden has been a Raiders fan for more than 30 years. A Brit that lives in Singapore, he flies home to root for his favourite American football team, the Oakland Raiders. He files this report from the Capital of Cool.

“The build up begins!

“The anticipation in London is building fast as more and more Oakland Raider fans are arriving from Europe and the USA.

“Social media is great for events like this as you can really get a feel for the mounting excitement: Facebook pages and Twitter accounts are full of great stories.

“Many of the Raider fans from the USA have taken the opportunity to go exploring around Europe and the UK. The Raider Nation is spreading its wings!

A Walk Down Memory Lane

“With the big game getting closer, I am reminded of Raider memories from years long past.

“Following the Raiders from outside of the USA in the pre-internet, pre-satellite TV days was not easy: In UK, for example, we had a one hour TV highlights show once a week!

“The true NFL fan in those days relied on the American Forces Radio Network. The problem was that it faded in and out at crucial moments and you had to move the radio around the room in order to keep the reception audible.

“I have many happy memories of those days. Today, NFL Gamepass makes everything rather easier, but also rather more expensive!

Deja Vu All Over Again

“This isn’t the Raiders’ first trip to Wembley. In 1990, they came over to play the New Orleans Saints in a friendly game as part of the The American Bowl series.

“The Raiders lost 10-17 that day, despite boasting a roster that was rather more talented than the 2014 version.

“As I remember it, the Raiders played a rather lackluster game back then – lets hope for a better result this time!

“I will be there and reporting back with some photos for Accidental Travel Writer. Until then, Just Win, Baby!

“Things are heating up!”

Marcus Marsden is the OFFICIAL London correspondent for the Accidental Travel, representing the Raider Nation in Britain.

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