Cashing in on Your Miles – Without Losing Your Cool (Part Two)

McDonalds in Denpasar, Bali With Asia Club miles about to expire, Michael Taylor has to act fast – use them or lose them. Cashing them in isn’t easy. In the end, he succeeds, resulting in a round trip ticket to Bali. This is the second in a four part series.

A couple of days later, I return to my computer and try to book my flight to Bali. It turns out to be far more complicated that I was expecting. Every time I enter Hong Kong, it doesn’t take. Same thing with Denpasar. I try Bali, but that doesn’t work either. I keep having to start all over again.

The default class is first … Why I don’t know, but it gets a bit tedious having to switch from first class to economy each time I have to start all over again. Then I have to input the dates – all over again. Then the departure and arrival cities – again! – all over again. Why I have to keep doing this I don’t know, but I’m starting to lose my patience.

50,000 Miles

When I finally pull up the table that gives several options for departure and return dates, they all say “50,000” miles. Apparently during peak season you need to part with 50,000 rather than 30,000 of your hard earned miles. Hmmm … I try the next time slot. Same thing. And the next … same thing.

Eventually I decide to come back to this later. But I am determined to get this sorted out before my miles run out. That’s when I get a last minute invitation to go on a press trip. I’ve suddenly got a million things to do. On the day of my flight, I try – but fail – to make my booking.

I will have to sort this out on the road. Which might prove easier said than done …

To Be Continued

Copyright: Michael Taylor

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