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Learning that the Catalina Sports Bar & Grill has been voted Number 1 Oakland Raiders sports bar, Michael Smallwood says it all gets down to something he heard in the movie “Field of Dreams”.

“If you build it, they will come,” says Myke, who is President of the Phoenician Raider Booster Club.

“Most of our members tell us that they joined us because of our club’s accomplishments and official status with the Raiders organization. The PRBC Cabinet is proud to have people like this join our team.”

We’re Number One!

Oakland Raiders fans from far and wide have found a welcoming environment to root for their favourite football team in Phoenix, Arizona.

“I used to live in the Bay Area and had season tickets to the Raiders,” says Megan Pearlman.

“When I moved to AZ, I never thought I could find a replacement for the Black Hole until I finally discovered the PRBC at Catalina’s. The atmosphere this club creates, the charitable work they do for the community, and the way they treat my non-Raider fan friends who are brave enough to come with me is second to none. I will remain a loyal PRBC member for as long as I stay in the Phoenix area.”

Charity Work

Mark Gilley is equally upbeat.

“After moving across the country, we found the Catalina,” Mark says.

“We couldn’t have asked for a more accepting group of people. In our first week here, it was as if we had a whole bar full of friends. It helped take the sting out of leaving my Raider brothers and sisters back home.”

Timbo Slice is more succinct: “I cancelled my NFL package once I found Catalina –  good team, good fun, great people! RN4L.”

Randy Raider agrees: “This is my first year with PRBC, and I have found a home with other Raider Nation fans,” he says.

“The club not only is passionate about the Raider’s but also the charitable work in the community in which we live. R4L.”

Favourite Son

If RNBC has a favourite son, it is surely Raider Juice, who lives  in Arizona, but flies to Oaktown to root for the Raiders at all home games in the Black Hole. He also flies to as many away games as he can.

He couldn’t, in fact, be at the Catalina Sports Bar & Grill for the celebration because he had flown to New York for the Big Game against the New York Jets.

It was a moment of intense pride at the bar when his image appeared on national television.

“Finding a bar in my area to watch a Raider game with sound is pretty much impossible,” Raider Juice says.

“So driving a little bit to have sound is great. I attend every Raiders game in Oakland since I am a season ticket holder in the Black Hole, and this year I have traveled to three away games. So I haven’t been able to attend Catalinas that much. But when I am here for an away game, it’s nice to attend a place with all Raider fans and sound for our game. Even though I should be picked up from a limo from my place since I am Raider Juice. I’m kidding Mike. Over all, I am happy to call Catalinas my home Raider bar. R4L. Your official mascot.”

Catalina Sports Bar & Grill

Commitment to Excellence

The Phoenician Raider Boosters Club wouldn’t be such a success without the dedication and commitment of its cabinet, office holders, and members.


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