Reader Feedback on Bus Manners from San Francisco

Pat is a good friend from the United States. Originally from Southern California, where there is a strong Latin influence, she has been living now for several years in San Francisco, which has a larger ratio of Asians.

She read the original post about the Australian tourist that criticized the manners of people in Hong Kong. And it answered some of the questions that she has pondered since moving from Southern to Northern California, which have very different lifestyles. She writes:

“It was very enlightening to read these comments.

“I live in San Francisco, which is very close to being 50% Asian. I thought the lack of manners towards elders, women, and pregnant women had to be cultural.

“I especially noticed it on the Muni/transportation system. The front seats are for seniors and disableds, and you are required to give up your seat to those who need it. But the Asian men, young and old, very rarely do. I could almost say never give up their seats to anyone.

“That said, I love living in San Francisco. I love the great cultural diversity. It is my kind of city.”

Accidental Travel Writer Responds

You’re right, Pat. It’s the cultural diversity that makes San Francisco one of the Great Cities of the World! Too bad about the weather …

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