Five Star Luxury in Taroko Gorge

Taiwanese Travelogue

I spent two wonderful days and nights at Silks Place Taroko living in the lap of luxury. My spacious room was well designed, really comfortable, and very tastefully decorated.

Best of all, I had a commodious balcony overlooking the raging river, just a few metres below. I must say, the setting was truly magnificent. Silks Place Taroko is located next to the main transit station at the eastern end of the cross island highway. It is a 50 minutes drive from the rail station at Hualien.

There are two room categories: resort rooms, which are nearly 40 square metres, and retreat rooms, which are 80 square metres.

Both the western and Chinese food was excellent, the Wellspring Spa was totally indulgent, and I really enjoyed doing laps in the cool waters of the hotel's swimming pool, which is located on the roof and that overlooks the river. On our first night, we enjoyed a song and dance performance in the hotel's courtyard by local aborigines.

Cycling with Disco Lights Flashing

But the real highlight of my short stay came on the second night, when we donned helmets and vests with flashing disco lights (for safety reasons) and pedaled through Taroko Gorge after dark. There were neither goods vehicles nor tour buses – just me, my companions, and the flora covered marble cliffs of Taroko Gorge and the raging river below.

It doesn't get any better than this!

Copyright: Michael Taylor


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