Foodie Friday: Would You Believe Hunanese Burritos?

Restaurant Review

A national chain serving Hunanese wraps – which have a lot in common with Mexican burritos (except for the taste) – opens in Shenzhen. They are assembled while you wait. Will they live up to expectations?


A national fast food chain serving Hunanese style burritos – or should I say, ‘wraps’? – comes to Shenzhen. How will they taste?

I was making my way down Renmin Road South (People’s Road South) from the King Glory Plaza shopping mall to my favourite massage parlour when I spotted a newly opened fast food joint serving something that looked surprisingly similar to burritos – or should I say “wraps”?

My plans to have dinner at my favourite noodle and dumpling shop were abandoned. I decided to give the place a try.

There were 2 people behind the counter. One was making something that looked a lot like tortillas – Mexican tortillas (as in thin flat pancakes made of wheat or corn flour) and not Spanish tortillas (as in omelettes).

The other was assembling something that looked a lot like burritos, using ingredients that you could point out through the glass.

I opted for beef, pork, chicken, some shredded stuff, and some sauces. I was afraid to include the lettuce – not sure about eating raw vegetables in China.

OMG!!! It exceeded my expectations!!!

On my second visit, I asked a few questions and learned the the shop was part of a national chain. Who said fast food shops had to sell junk food? I now have a new addiction!

How to Get There

The eatery is located on Renmin Road South, across a narrow alley from the King Glory Plaza shopping mall, on the same side of the street. It is within a short walk of the Guo Mao metro station.

The eatery is one stop by metro from the Hong Kong – China border. It can be reached on foot in about 15 minutes.


Guige Lorou Juan, 2010 Renmin Road South (People’s Road South), Lowu District, Shenzhen, China. National Telephone Hotline: 400-9966-177. \

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