Top 10 Things to See and Do on Long Island, New York

Part Two in a Series

With the upcoming release of a movie version of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, The Great Gatsby, The New York State Division of Tourism is promoting Long Island as a travel destination for movie fans. 

 The Roaring 20s were an era of ostentation and pretension in the United States, and nowhere more so than in those pockets of extreme affluence – Beverly Hills, Cape Cod, Palm Beach, and Long Island’s notoriously wealthy North Shore, which is where the Scott Fitzgerald novel  was set. 

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With a film starring Leonardo DiCaprio about to be released, the New York State Division of Tourism is promoting Long Island as a travel destination for movie fans.

Also known as the Gold Coast, Long Island’s North Shore is where some of America’s richest and most famous built luxurious mansions in those heady days of flappers and bathtub gin. Many of the Gold Coast mansions that dot Long Island’s Gold Coast have been turned into museums.

These former mansion are now are open to the public. Many of them house art galleries. You you can take tours of the properties and stroll through the beautiful grounds and gardens.

Top Seven Things to See on Long Island

  1. Sands Point – a 216-acre preserve with two mansions: Falaise, a Normandy style manor house, and Hempstead House, an imposing castle, set amid beautiful grounds.
  2. Chelsea/Muttontown Preserve – a stunning mansion with a real moat. The first floor serves as an art museum.
  3. Coe Hall at Planting Fields Arboretum – the Planting Fields Arboretum is set amid 409 acre grounds.
  4. Coindre Hall – a waterfront castle like estate set amid 33-acre grounds.
  5. Old Westbury Gardens – a stately mansion set amid lovely gardens with many rare plant species.
  6. Frick Estate/Nassau County Museum – this neo-Georgian mansion houses the Nassau County Museum of Art with 10 galleries of world-class exhibitions set amid 145-acre grounds. ​
  7. Vanderbilt Museum this mansion has a museum with a world-class display of large game taxidermy, including polar bears and lions, in addition to marine specimens. There is also a planetarium on the grounds

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