Hospitality: 35% of Hotel Guests Have Sticky Fingers

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More than one third of travelers surveyed admitted to having stolen something other than bathroom toiletries from a hotel room when traveling, with magazines, books, linens, and towels the most frequently lifted items.

Online accommodation booking website surveyed travelers around the world and found that 35% admitted to removing something from their hotel room, and we’re not talking about a tube of toothpaste.

The most likely items to be taken away included books and magazines followed by linens and towels. But some cheeky hotel guests went so far as to remove coffee makers, clocks, irons, lamps, pillows, furniture, electronic items, and bathrobes.

I can’t help but wonder if the people that remove things from hotel rooms also engage in shoplifting when they go shopping at shopping malls.

Danish travelers were the least likely to steal things from their hotel rooms. Assuming that they were honest in their responses, 88% of Danes had never stolen anything from a hotel room. The Dutch came in second at 85%, and the Norwegians came in third at 84%.

The Brazilians, Canadians from Quebec, and Hong Kong people tied for fourth place in the honest traveler sweepstakes.

“While we all love that holiday feeling, it seems travelers in some countries are taking this a bit too far by removing a wide variety of items from their hotel room to take home with them as a memento of their stay,” says Alison Couper, Senior Director Global Communications,

“We should applaud the Danes as the most honest nation in resisting temptation, closely followed by the Dutch and Norwegians – assuming all respondents were honest when completing the survey…!”

Top 10 Most Honest Hotel Guests by Nationality

1. Denmark – 88%

2. Netherlands – 85%

3. Norway – 84%

4. Brazil

4. Canada – 81%

4. Hong Kong – 81%

7. Italy – 80%

8. Russia – 79%

9. Taiwan – 78%

9. South Korea – 78% 

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