Hainan, China: Paradise Found?

A sunset over the beach on Wuzhizhou, and island off the shores on Hainan in Southern China.

I haven’t seen a whole lot of rainbows in my life, and those that I have seen were always partial rainbows.

So it was a bit of a thrill when – as I was treading water with a couple of new friends at the Renaissance Sanya Resort & Spa – a rainbow started to appear in the distance.

Half the sky, two-thirds of the sky, three-fourths of the sky, and then – lo and behold – a perfect rainbow soaring in a graceful arch over the azure horizon.

Was this an omen? Had I found my paradise?

As if to add yet more drama to the scenario, a spectacular sunset followed a few hours later as the sun sank slowly into the South China Sea. I was convinced.

Thoughts of Retirement

I’ve often wondered where I should spend the rest of my life. Should I remain in Hong Kong, where I’ve carved out a comfortable yet inexpensive lifestyle in the bucolic New Territories? Should I relocate to Bangkok, where I’ve got friends and where costs are a bit lower?

Or should I do what the Chinese would do, return home like leaves falling from a tree to return to my roots?

If I did, I could follow my two favourite sports franchises – the Oakland Raiders and the Oakland Athletics, assuming they don’t leave town as they are always threatening to do.


But the tropics have always had their appeal. Should it be Hawai’i, where I’ve got friends and family? Should it be Phuket, where I could follow my new passion for kickboxing, or Bali, whose culture I find enchanting?

I can now add Hainan, China, to the mix. I could teach English, I could train staff at hotels, or perhaps I could even dabble in PR.

It was my first trip to the Southern Chinese island, but I have a feeling that it won’t be my last.

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