Top Five Pop Culture Favourites in Celebration of Hong Kong

In celebration of Hong Kong, the Accidental Travel Writer presents his Top Five Pop Culture Hong Kong favourites. They were either produced in Hong Kong – or are about Hong Kong.

Today is the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day. It is one of 17 official public holidays in the former British Crown Colony.

Basically, most of Hong Kong’s official public holidays remained following the change in sovereignty. The Queen’s Birthday was dropped and replaced by Buddha’s Birthday. And Chinese National Day, which occurs on 1 October, was added.

In celebration of Hong Kong and its unique identity, a short list of links on YouTube to some of the things that make Hong Kong special follows.

Best English Language Movie Set in Hong Kong

Love Is a Many Splendored Thing

This black and white film was the first movie in history to be shot on location. An interracial love story, it portrays the short lived affair between Eurasian author Han Suyin and an American journalist. Its theme song says it all.

Best Documentary About Hong Kong

To Whom It May Concern: Ka Shen’s Journey

Who doesn’t love the movie, “The Wonderful World of Suzie Wong”? This documentary tells the story of Ka Shen, its leading lady. I met Ms Shen during the film’s premier in Hong Kong.




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