My First Trip to Hawai’i: the Big Island

Hawaii tourism authority hilo Liluokalani Gardens-Bridge Hawaii's Big Island Visitors Bureau Third in a Series

Hilo is the second largest city in Hawai'i. It is located on the Big Island, whose nickname is the Orchid Island, which is a bit off the beaten tourism track.

Hilo offers a glimpse at a more authentic Hawaiian lifestyle than that of the state's beach resorts. One of its loveliest attractions is Liluokalani Gardens.

Arriving in Hilo, I was taken to a lovely new hotel that had just opened. Called the Orchid Island Inn (or was it the Orchid Island Hotel?), it was built atop black lava.

While it was located at the ocean's edge, there was no beach to speak of, much to my disappointment. As I was exploring the property, I was accosted by a very personable young lady with red hair. After introducing herself, she explained that she was a tour guide with a group of tourists from Chicago.

“I've got several young people just your age, but there's a shortage of boys,” she explained.

“You seem to be alone. Would you like to join us? There's room on the tour bus for one more. And I can pull some strings and get you admitted to the luau tomorrow night – no charge.

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It has been so many years that I wasn't even sure if the Orchid Island still existed. When I did an on line search for the hotel, I couldn't find it. But I did find this very interesting blog post from a website called "Tiki Architecture". I took one look, and said, "Yes! That is the hotel I stayed at more than 40 years ago!"

Tiki Archtecture: Orchid Island Hotel, Hilo, Hawai'i

To Be Continued

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Copyright: Michael Taylor Pictured: Liluokalani Gardens, Hilo, Hawaii Photo Credit:  Courtesy of the Hawaiian Tourism Authority


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  1. The first time I went to Hawaii (Waikiki) was in 1968. I stayed at the Halekalani, which was one of the last of the true Hawaiin style hotels, and quite nice, lush gardens, etc. I went back in 1994 & it had been remodeled to a very modern style hotel. The one place, that remained the same, at the hotel, was the very charming “House Without A Key”. It was an outdoor bar, part of the hotel, on water’s edge. We would go there every night before dinner where we would enjoy a MaiTai & listen to Hawaiin trio playing their beautiful music, as we listened to the lapping water, and looked out towards Diamond Head. Oh gosh, I think I’m “there” right now, in that moment…

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