Hong Kong Disneyland Falls Promotions

Hong Kong Disneyland

Dim sum making classes, cocktail workshops, barbecue dinners, and Toy Story  25th Birthday celebrations are among the Hong Kong Disneyland Falls Promotion at the Happiest Place in Hong Kong.

Autumn Food and Beverage Promotions

If you have always wanted to learn how to make dim sum, you can stop wishing upon a star. Because your wish is about to come true!

Hong Kong Disneyland is going to offer dim sum classes. And best of all, the classes will be hands-on.

First,  a chef will demonstrate how to make some of the best dim sum in Hong Kong. Next, you will be given the ingredients. Then you can roll up your sleeves and make some dim sum yourself.

And rest assured, there will be staff on hand to lend a hand if you get confused.

Most importantly, a mouth-watering dim sum lunch will follow.

These Disneyland dim sum classes are part of an exciting series of food and beverage promotions that are sure to find favour with Hong Kong’s most fastidious foodies.

Dim Sum Classes

Chef demonstrating how to make dim sum.

Crystal Lotus is a fine-dining Chinese restaurant serving dishes inspired by the cuisines of Guangdong, Sichuan, Beijing, and Shanghai.

In fact, it is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong. And it is the signature restaurant at the five-star Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.

More importantly, Crystal Lotus serves excellent Chinese dim sum.

So the good news is, the elegant eatery will offer a “Disney Character Dim Sum Class Plus Lunch” from 2 October 2020 to 3 January 2021.

Best of all, the classes will be participatory. And you will get to eat what you make. More information to follow.

Cocktail Workshops

Tropical cocktails and bar snacks.

Sea Breeze Bar is a cocktail lounge serving tropical cocktails as well as European style snacks and meals.

And it overlooks the outdoor swimming pool at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.

With balmy weather in store, the informal eatery will offer “Cheers at Poolside” cocktail workshops and snacks from  1 October 2020 to 3 January 2021.

Barbecue Dinners

Barbecue meats and seafood.

Sea Breeze Bar will also serve Barbecue Dinners from 30 September through 29 November 2020 on weekends and public holidays.

Toy Story 25th Anniversary

Toy Story and Alien Remix Desserts,

Hong Kong Disneyland will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Toy Story with some mouth-watering desserts!

25th Anniversary Toy Story and Alien Remix Desserts will be served at Toy Story Land starting from  1 October 2020. And what an auspicious launch date that is!

Because this year, Chinese National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival coincide. And that doesn’t happen very often!

In fact, in 2020, the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on Thursday 1 October. And that just happens to be Chinese National Day.

In fact, the Mid-Autumn Festival, a.k.a. the Lantern Festival, falls on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese calendar.

Therefore, it can occur as early as mid-September. And it can occur as late as early October. Needless to say, Chinese National  Day always falls on 1 October.

The last time the two holidays coincided was 2001. And the next time they will coincide is 2031. In fact, it won’t happen again until 2077! So that means the two holidays are occurring on the same day only four times to century!

Special treats will include Buzz Lightyear Green Tea Panna Cotta, Rex Lemon Honey Cake, Lotso Banana Cake, Alien Remix Chocolate Truffle Cake, and Alien Custard Steamed Bun.

Health and Safety Guidelines

In keeping with Hong Kong government regulations, strict health and safety measures have been implemented throughout Hong Kong Disneyland.

In fact, similar measures are in effect at the three Disneyland hotels adjoining the park.

And if you’re planning a visit, please check out my first-hand hotel reviews!

And please note: park-goers must make reservations in advance to visit the park. Attendance has been reduced. And the park will only be open five days a week until further notice.

Click on the official website for complete  details: Hong Kong Disneyland>>

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