Castle of Magical Dreams Debuts at Hong Kong Disneyland!

Park-goers approach the newly launched Castle of Magical Dreams as Hong Kong Disneyland reopens. And there’s a story behind each of the spires!

Hong Kong Disneyland

Sleeping Beauty Castle at Hong Kong Disneyland  has been completely re-imagined into the Castle of Magical Dreams, an entertainment hub, with 13 spires celebrating 13  princesses and queens that wished upon a star. Check out the inspiration for each spire!

Castle of Magical Dreams – the Back Story

Castle of Magical Dreams serves as a performance backdrop.

While most people in Hong Kong have been practicing social distancing, donning face masks, and washing their hands; workers at Hong Kong Disneyland have been hard at work.

In fact, they have been busy transforming the park’s iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle into the Castle of Magical Dreams, And it will serve as a unique centerpiece for the Hong Kong theme park.

The re-imagined castle maintains the foundational roots of Walt Disney’s classic Sleeping Beauty Castle at the original Disneyland in Anaheim, California, which was designed by Roland E. Hill and opened in 1955.

Following a complete transformation, the Castle of Magical Dreams features towers and spires paying tribute to 13 of Disney’s most popular princesses and heroines.

To clarify, the original structure was an amalgamation of three classic European structures that inspired Walt on his travels seeking stories to tell to Disney fans.

For example, the ramparts or lower portions of the castle mimic Le Château d’Ussé, which overlooks the Indre and Loire rivers in France.

Because the paring of the setting and the architecture were so lovely, Charles Perrault took them as inspiration for his tale, Sleeping Beauty.

Finally, the main upper portion of the castle is a replica of Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. And the upper right side of the castle was inspired by the Apse and Belle Tower of Notre Dame de Paris.

By creating a distinctive castle unique to Hong Kong Disneyland, Disney has crafted a centerpiece for the amusement park. Consequently, it gives Hong Kong Disneyland a unique identity.

Most importantly, the castle can act as a shining beacon of courage, hope, and possibility for all who see it

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Castle of Magical Dreams – Design Inspiration

Sleeping Beauty Castle at Hong Kong Disneyland has been transformed into the Castle of Magical Dreams.

The Castle of Magical Dreams will inspire all who dare to dream big. And it will give them a chance to follow in the footsteps of popular Disney princesses and queens.

In fact, a Disney princess or heroine inspired each one of castle’s 13 spires! Check out this quick guide to the 13 spires and the princesses and queens that inspired them.

In fact, the architectural design embraces their unique characteristics through the interpretation of colour, icons, symbols, patterns, and cultural features.

1. Ariel

Ariel – star of The Little Mermaid, who courageously follows her dreams. The colours of the tower – coral and green – were inspired by the colours of her dress, reflecting her relation to the sea.

2. Aurora

Aurora – star of the animated film, Sleeping Beauty, who is raised by three fairies named Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. This tower is the tallest of the 13 towers, in homage of the original Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland  in Southern California. And the colours of the roof suggest her dress’s ability to switch between pink and blue.

3. Belle

Belle – co-star of Beauty and the Beast, which is about a girl who falls in love with a cursed prince who spends his days as a hideous monster. The colours of this tower – blue and yellow – represent the blue dress she wears in the village and the yellow dress she wears when dancing with the Beast.

4. Cinderella

Cinderella – star of the eponymous animated movie about a hardworking stepsister, who finds true love at the Royal Ball. The spire atop the tower represents the carriage that takes her to the ball.

5. Elsa

Elsa – star of Frozen, a larger than life figure with magical powers. The colour of the tower’s roof – light blue – symbolizes colour of her icy blue dress. And the finial atop the tower represents a snowflake.

6. Jasmine

Jasmine – star of Aladdin, which is about a queen who grows weary of her lonely life in a  palace.  The design on the dome of the tower was inspired by a typical pattern found on Arabrian fabrics.

7. Merida

Merida – star of the eponymous animated Disney movie about the daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor of Scotland. Celtic designs on the turret’s roof symbolize the four Brave clans.

8. Moana

Moana – star of the eponymous Disney animated film about the seafaring daughter of a  Polynesian chief. The tower’s earthen colours – orange, red, and tan – reflect her association with nature. And the finials atop the dome represent hooks holding the heart of Te Fiti.

9. Mulan

Mulan – star of the eponymous Disney animated film about a legendary Chinese female warrior. The roof is embellished with cherry blossoms, important symbols in Chinese culture. And the crossed spears represent her fearless spirit.

10. Pocahantas

Pocahontas – star of the eponymous animated Disney film about a Native American women’s encounter with an English settler at Jamestown. The flowing leaf patterns on the roof represent her iconic necklace. And the finial atop the roof suggests her hummingbird companion.

11. RapunzelRapunzel

Rapunzel – co-star of the eponymous Disney animated film about a mischievous teen with 70 feet of magical hair. The colours of the tower’s walls – purple and gold – reflect the colour of her dress and her blond hair.

12. Snow White

Snow White
Snow White – star of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the first full-length animated feature film. The colours of the tower – blue, red, white, and yellow – represent the colours of her dress. And the weather vane top the roof represents the poison apple.

13. Tiana

Tiana – star of The Princess and the Frog, which is about a princess and the prince that has been turned into the frog.  The finial atop the roof represents the frog sitting on top of a water lily.

Moments to Shine

 Significantly,  each Disney princess or heroine has her moment to shine. For example, each one is represented by her own tower or turret at the Castle of Magical Dreams.

With bright and vibrant colours, gilded spires overlook an expanded courtyard. And it serves as an entertainment hub for  Disney stage shows.

In fact, the Castle of Magical Dreams offers a  playful outdoor space, where Disney fans can get up close and personal with their favourite Disney characters.

And talk about photo opps! Who wouldn’t want to take selfies with that spectacular castle in the background?

Meanwhile, Disney fans won’t have to go home empty-handed. The re-imaged castle houses a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

And it will give children a chance to experience the kind of royal treatment that only Disney can provide.

Health and Safety Guidelines

All visitors and park employees must wear masks.
The frequency of cleaning and disinfection of high contact areas has been increased.
Contactless interaction between staff and visitors has been implemented at DIsney boutiques.
Social distancing measures are enforced in queues at Hong Kong Disneyland.
Hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed throughout Hong Kong Disneyland.
Social distancing measures have been implemented at seating throughout Hong Kong Disneyland.
Special hotel packages are being offered for visitors wanting to check out the Castle of Magical Dreams.

In keeping with Hong Kong government regulations, strict health and safety measures have been implemented throughout Hong Kong Disneyland.

In fact, similar measures are in effect at the three Disneyland hotels adjoining the park.

And if you’re planning a visit, please check out my first-hand hotel reviews!

And please note: park-goers must make reservations in advance to visit the park. Attendance has been reduced. And the park will only be open five days a week until further notice.

Click on the official website for complete  details: Hong Kong Disneyland>>

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The debut of the Castle of Magical Dreams coincides with 15th anniversary of Hong Kong Disneyland. To clarify, the park opened in 1995.


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