Hong Kong French Restaurant Launches Nordic Japanese Afternoon Tea

Arbor, a fine-dining French restaurant on Hong Kong Island.

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A French restaurant in Hong Kong launches a Nordic Japanese Afternoon Tea set menu. It’s perfect for a late lunch or an early dinner before eateries have to close at 6 pm because of social distancing measures brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Restaurant Overview

Arbor is a French restaurant in Hong Kong. But it sources most of its ingredients from Japan. As a fine-dining eatery, Arbor has two Michelin stars.

This Hong Kong French restaurant usually opens for lunch Monday through Friday, except for public holidays. And it opens for brunch on Saturdays and public holidays. It usually remains closed on Sundays.

For both lunch and brunch, the restaurant serves a four-course weekly tasting menu. In addition, it serves a four-course chef’s tasting menu.

At dinner, Arbor serves a six-course seasonal tasting menu. In addition, it serves an eight-course chef’s tasting menu. 

COVID-19 Forces Restaurants to Close Early

Because of a spike in new coronavirus infections, the government has upgraded social distancing measures.

Not only must restaurants limit seating to 50% of capacity. In addition, they cannot serve dine-in customers after 6 pm.

Citywide testing for COVID-19 is expected to begin on 1 September 2020. And the government will probably not relax social distancing rules for at least two weeks after testing begins.

Consequently, Hong Kong restaurants will probably not be able to serve eat-in diners after 6 pm until mid-September. At the earliest …

Nordic Japanese Afternoon Tea

Yumepirika Rice Don and Pickles.
Yame Matcha Macaron,

As a result of early closures, this Hong Kong French restaurant has decided to launch an Afternoon Tea Set. In fact, the tea set is being served between 3.30 pm and 6 pm. And last orders must be placed before 4.30 pm.

More importantly, the restaurant will open for lunch on Sundays. In other words, it is extending operations to seven says a week.

Is this permanent or a temporary move? Only tine will tell!

In keeping with health concerns, the restaurant is following strict social distancing and hygienic measures.

Called Nordic Japanese Afternoon Tea, the six-course menu combines seasonal Japanese ingredients with a Nordic twist.

Finnish Chef de Cuisine Eric Räty created the menu. And it runs from savoury to sweet. Dishes include…

  • Tartelette of the day
  • Yumepirika Rice Don and Noodles
  • Pavlova Dessert
  • Yame Matcha Mochi Macaron
  • Madeleine, the restaurant’s signature dish

Some dishes will be changed to reflect the finest ingredients of the day.

In addition, the Hong Kong French restaurant offers 15% discount on selected wines, cocktails, and beers from 3.30 pm to 6.00 pm.

The restaurant is serving the six-course Nordic-Japanese Afternoon Tea Set daily from 3:30 pm. And the last order is taken at 4:30 pm.

Restaurant Location

  • Arbor –  25/F, H Queen’s, 80 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong Island. Tel: (852) 3185-8388. 

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