Hong Kong: Sha Tin Hotel Celebrates New Rooftop Venue with Stylish Grand Opening

Food and Beverage

The Courtyard Marriott Hong Kong Sha Tin launches a stylish new rooftop bar and lounge in style with an invitation-only Grand Opening Party. So what about the food? The drink? The entertainment?

Courtyard Marriott Hong Kong Sha Tin celebrated the opening of its new rooftop bar and lounge with a lavish party. It is the 4 star hotel’s 3rd food and beverage outlet.

Levelthirty Lounge and Bar, which is located on the top floor of the Courtyard Marriott Hong Kong Sha Tin, is the site of a lavish Grand Opening Party on 28 July 2015. Is it worth the trip to this out-of-the-way venue?

It takes a while to get to these places, and there is something known as “return on investment (ROI)”. Will it prove to be worth the effort?

There is a free flow of champagne, one of the best trios in town, and an on-going parade of yummy snacks. So far, so good.

I am already impressed with the quality of the hor d’oeuvres when I get a breathless phone call from one of my partners in crime, who wandered off a few moments ago.

They’ve Got Rissoti!!!

“Hey Mike! I’m in one of the rooms!” I think she says (it’s pretty noisy).

“You should check it out! There’s lots of food! And they’ve got rissoti!”

When another one of my buddies and I entered the venue about 30 minutes ago, we did a quick walk through of it, thinking we had seen everything there was to see.

It seemed intimate and stylish. The views of the Shing Mun River, the Shatin Racecourse, the Star Seafood Floating Restaurant, and the surrounding hills were impressive. And the staff seemed extraordinarily professional AND friendly.

Rewind several years!

I used to cover tertiary education for the South China Morning Post, and I am well aware of the training programmes in food and beverage at the Vocational Training Council and in hospitality and tourism management at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 

All I can say is this: if they’re producing graduates like these, job well done!

Fast forward back the the present.

What I don’t know is that live cooking stations and a spectacular array of candies and desserts have been set up in some of the meeting rooms that are located on the same floor as the lounge and bar, but on the other side of the elevator lobby.

The idea, I am told, is to encourage attendees to circulate AND to check out the kinds of facilities that are on offer in the event they should want to host an event. And what better lure than setting up food stations in these facilities?

As for the food, well, not all of what we are served this night is on the regular menu. But the hotel wants to show off what its kitchen is capable of should any of the attendees (or their friends or readers of this blog post) want to book an event.

Getting back to that rissoti … OMG!!! Is it delicious, or what??? No wonder there is a line!!!

Getting back to return on investment, was it worth the time and effort to get there? Yes!!! Did I have a good time? Yes!!! Did I have enough to eat and drink? Yes!!! Would I go there again? Most probably … 
And if those same musicians are invited back to perform there again, I will change that “most probably” to an unqualified YES!!!
They were a CLASS act!!! Not only did they sing and play well, they also had great personalities and an impressive stage presence. Can’t remember the last time I enjoyed myself so much!
Congratulations, Courtyard Marriott Hong Kong Sha Tin, on a great party!


Level Thirty, Courtyard Marriott Hong Kong Sha Tin, 1 On Ping Street, Sha Tin, New Territories, Hong Kong. Telephone: (852) 3940-8888. 

The hotel is a short walk from the Shek Mun MTR station on the Ma On Shan line as well as the Star Seafood Floating Restaurant.

The hotel is a short taxi ride from the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, the Che Kung Temple, the Shatin Racecourse, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


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