What Hong Kong Travelers Do in Bed

Nearly one half of Hong Kong travelers like to eat in bed when traveling, a global survey reveals.

Compare that to a worldwide average of fewer than one in five.

Global hotel specialist Hotels.com surveyed the sleeping habits of travelers around the world, and 45% of Hong Kong travelers said that aside from sleeping, they used their hotel beds to eat in. The global average was only 17%.

Other than sleeping and eating, hotel guests used their beds to watch television, read, access the Internet, and have sex, the study found.

Global Sleeping Habits

The survey was carried out in spring 2011. It evaluated how travelers from Australia, Britain, China, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland rated the quality of their sleep when staying at hotels.

A variety of factors were taken into consideration: jet lag, the size of the hotel bed, the amount of pillows, and the amount of noise made from other guests.  

Quality of Bed Counts Most

Nearly two-thirds of travelers from Hong Kong said that the quality of a hotel's beds was the most important factor. Seven out of 10 complained that mattresses were either too hard or too soft. One in five complained of beds having too few pillows. An equal ratio complained of dirty sheets.

“When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep in a hotel, it is clear that it is not one size fits all,” says Alison Couper, Global Communications Director, Hotels.com.

“It’s reassuring for travelers all over the world that, with access to over 135,000 hotels and millions of different hotel beds across the continents, Hotels.com has a bed to please every traveler.”

Hotels.com is a member of the Expedia, Inc., group. It offers more than 135,000 hotels, bed and breakfasts, and serviced apartments worldwide.

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