Insurance: Should Skiiers Pay Extra for Hazardous Sports Upgrade?

Consumer Protection

It is ski season, and as skiing enthusiasts head for the slopes in Aspen, Colorado, the Swiss Alps, Yongpeong, Korea, and Hokaido, Japan, one of the key questions on many skiers minds is, “Should I pay extra for an insurance policy’s optional hazardous sports upgrade?”

Not according to SquareMouth, a website that compares and sells travel insurance on line. That’s because most travel insurance policies already have you covered.

 “Most standard travel insurance policies cover someone while they are skiing or snowboarding,” says Sarah Byrne, Marketing Manager at Squaremouth.

“Additional coverage is only necessary if they will be participating in heliskiing or another extreme sport, such as mountaineering or skydiving.”

Read the Fine Print

When reviewing a policy, it is always a good idea to go over the list of activities that will not be covered. These are usually found under “General Exclusions”. If skiing and snowboarding are not listed, you don’t need to upgrade your policy.

“It’s common for travelers to question whether or not they need the additional coverage,” says Chris Harvey, CEO of Squaremouth.

“Although most travelers will not need it.”


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