Thailand: Arrival in the Land of Smiles

Koh Samui Travelogue Part 2

Michael Taylor arrives at Samui Airport in an upbeat mood. He waits for the other passengers to disembark so he can take photos of the crew. He is then ferried by shuttle to the open air terminal.

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Samui Airport is owned by Bangkok Airways, and it has got to be one of the world’s cutest airports.

There are no jetways. You deplane the old-fashioned way – down a stairway. Open air shuttle buses take you to the open air terminal, which has a thatched roof and no walls.

There are flowers everywhere. You can smell them as you walk through the terminal.

Airport Arrival

A certain anxiety always accompanies my arrival at foreign destinations.

Will my luggage arrive? Will there be any hassles at customs? Will there be anyone holding that sign with those two magic words written on it: Michael Taylor?

I’ve had my share of mishaps in the past, and I’ve heard lots of horror stories from friends.

How many times have I searched in vain for that elusive greeter and had to make my own way to the hotel? So it’s a relief when I spot the young lady holding a sign with my name written on it. She has a worried look on her face.

“That’s me!” I cry.

“I’m Michael Taylor!”

Since I was the last one off the plane, I’m sure my greeter was as relieved to see me as as I was to see her!

Hansar Samui

I am taken on a 10 minute drive from Samui Airport to Hansar Samui , a stylish beach resort situated on Bophut Bay on the island’s northern shore.

I am served a very yummy virgin mojito at the front desk. I am introduced to the hotel’s general manager and CEO. I take some photos.

I am then taken to my room to unpack before heading to H-Bistro, the hotel restaurant, where I feast on a very yummy seafood lunch.

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