Loyalty Programmes: Do Frequent Travelers Value Loyalty Over Love?

Valentine’s Day

As we celebrate this Valentine’s Day, is it fair to say that some travelers have fallen in love with their frequent flier programmes?

That’s what a survey conducted by Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) seems to suggest.

Given the choice, the survey reveals, fully 73% of travelers would choose frequent flier or hotel loyalty programme benefits over a spouse if they could take just one of them on a trip, a study of almost 10,000 frequent travelers reveals.

So rather than buying your loved one roses this Valentine’s Day, you might want to consider buying him or her miles.

Spiraling Divorce Rates

What’s more, with spiraling divorce rates, relationships with hotel loyalty programmes may be longer lasting than marriages or careers, the survey said, with 76% of respondents saying that they were more likely to stay with their loyalty programme than either their spouse or their employer.

Key Findings

  • 74% would take an extra trip just to earn more miles or elevate their status in a loyalty programme.
  • 45% would pretend to be on their honeymoon to get an upgrade.
  • 25% would pretend they had a family emergency to get an upgrade.
  • 20% would pretend to be someone important to get an upgrade.  

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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