Portugal: Hiking in the Limestone Cliffs of the Algarve

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Portugalhike offers hikes through the beautiful limestone cliffs of the Algarve.

The hiking tours start in Lagos, one of the oldest cities in the Algarve, where the remains of the wall surrounding the town can still be seen.

They continue along the coast to Ponta da Piedade, where there are multi-coloured cliffs, caves, and rocks, to the small town of Luz, with its beautiful beach of golden sand.

Fishing Villages and Abandoned Fortresses 

The second day takes hikers to some of the quaint fishing villages that dot the coast as well as to abandoned fortresses, which were built to guard against the pirates that used to ravage the coast.

On the third day, hikers can take a rest in Salema, where they can enjoy the beach and sample the yummy local fare.

On the fourth day, hikers will travesse lonely beaches with lagoons and a coast line almost untouched by Man, a landscape of rare beauty which is discovered while you walk along trails on the cliffs.

Last Two Nights in the Algarve

Finally hikers get to beautiful Baleeira Bay, with an amazing beach of fine sand and five small islands which give this place a unique charm! This is where hikers will spend the last two nights of their hiking tour through the Algarve. 

On the last walking day hikers will walk along the high cliffs of Sagres and to Cape S. Vicente – the place where the land ends and the sea begins!

Sagres is the south-westernmost point in continental Europe and the place from where our brave forefathers sailed on their caravels seeking new peoples and continents five centuries ago!

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