Michelin Star Chinese Restaurant to Serve French Wine Pairing Menu

Le French GourMAY

T’ang Court at The Langham, Hong Kong, will serve an eight course Cantonese set dinner paired with fine French wines during Le French GourMAY.


T’ang Court, a fine-dining Cantonese restaurant at The Langham Hong Kong in Kowloon.

Now in its eighth year, Le French GourMAY is the gastronomic component of Le French May

Launched in 1993, Le French May is a celebration of French culture in Hong Kong.

Despite its modest beginnings 23 years ago, Le French May has evolved into one of the most significant cultural events of the year in Hong Kong – if not Asia.

Roughly 500 events are held in Hong Kong from 1 May to 30 June. Culinary events fall under the Le French GourMAY umbrella.

Each year, one particular region of France is featured, and this year it will be Alsace, a picturesque region along the French-German border.

Food and Wine Promotions

Many food and beverage outlets in Hong Kong hold French food and wine promotions during Le French May, and T’ang Court is no exception.

T’ang Court is  the fine-dining Cantonese restaurant at The Langham, Hong Kong, in Kowloon’s Tsim Sha Tsui district.

Kwong Wai-keung, Executive Chef of Chinese Cuisine at T’ang Court, has developed an eight course set menu, which will pair eight of T’ang Court’s signature Cantonese dishes with carefully selected wines from Alsace.

Wine Pairing Set Menu

image-of-hong-kong-restaurant-tang-court- (38)

Jenny Ao (left), a server, and Shane Wilkins, Director of Food and Beverage, The Langham, Hong Kong.

image-of-wine-at-hong-kong-restaurant-tang-court- 12)

Hotel Sommelier presenting a bottle of wine from Alsace, France.


Server presenting baked stuffed crab shell with crab meat and onion


Jenny Ao being served baked stuffed crab shell with crab meat and onion at T’ang Court.

image-of-chinese-food-at-hong-kong-restaurant-tang-court- (29)

Baked stuffed crab shell with crab meat and onion.

image-of-chinese-food-at-hong-kong-restaurant-tang-court- (32)

Stuffed tomato with stir-fried mixed mushrooms, fungus and black truffle paste in pumpkin soup.



Golden fried stuffed bean curd with egg, spinach and morel mushrooms in chicken broth.</p>


Fried rice with Cantonese style barbecue pork and shrimp.

image-of-chinese-dessert-at-hong-kong-restaurant-tang-courtSweetened almond cream with egg white.


Michael Taylor (left) with Jenny Ao at T’ang Court, the Chinese restaurant at The Langham, Hong Kong.


I  asked the Sommerlier to explain the menu and why the wines and champagne’s were paired with each course. His explanations follow:

Special Appetiser Selection – Stir-fried Japanese Wagyu beef with spring onion, Smoked sliced cod fish with honey syrup and Barbecue pork.

o   Wine pairing – Domaine Zind Humbrecht ‘Rotenberg’ Pinot Gris 2009 – Gold in colour, the off-dry white wine has full notes of apple, apricot, and liquorice, along with a touch of buttery brioche, sesame seed, pistachio and fresh hazelnut. There’s a honeysuckle sweetness with lengthy finish. 2009 is a notable vintage, perhaps the best since 1982.

o   Dish pairing – Because both the cod fish and barbecued pork have honey and sweet soy sauce it’s cooked with, the sweetness of the sauce pair perfectly with the off-dry white wine with a hint of sweetness. The wine is light to medium bodied and won’t overcome the flavour and tenderness of the meat.

Baked stuffed crab shell with crab meat and onion.

o   Wine pairing – Josmeyer Fleur de Lotus white wine – This is a refreshing dry wine with fruit spice and high acidity. It has mild hints of minerals, stone fruits and short aftertaste. Fleur de Lotus (Lotus flower), a symbol of wisdom and purity in Asia, has a label to emphasize the harmony between Alsace wines and gastronomy.

o   Dish pairing – The minerals in the wine pair well with shellfish and crab. Because the crab meat is fresh and doesn’t have a strong flavour, a mild and light-bodied dry white wine can bring out the sweetness of the crab meat.

o   Champagne pairing – Perrir-Jouet Grand Brut champagne

o   Dish pairing – Champagne always goes well with deep-fried crispy food, cheese and foie gras. The acidity removes the oiliness and cleanses the palate.

Stuffed tomato with stir-fried mixed mushrooms, fungus and black truffle paste in pumpkin soup.

o   Wine pairing – Chateau La Coste Rose – This rose is made from red grapes and white grapes. Fruits dominate on the nose with aromas of white and red fruits. It is round with a long finish.

o   Dish pairing – Because Chef Kwong stuffed mixed fungus within a whole tomato (without skin), the fresh tomato juice will increase the juiciness and acidity of the pumpkin soup. The acidity and red fruit characters of wine pair perfectly with the acidity and red juice of the tomato.

Baked sliced fresh lobster with Mozzarella cheese.

o   Wine pairing – Domaine Jean-Paul Pouilly-Fuisse – This pleasant Chardonnay is from the Burgundy region in France. It has a fine nose that’s subtle and open, along with aromas of ripe fruits and flowers. The mouth is concentrated, round and well balanced. This wine can be enjoyed as an aperitif, or paired with seafood, sweetbreads and white meat in a cream sauce.

o  Dish pairing – The lobster is baked with Southern Italian cheese, which is milky and creamy, and this full-bodied white wine goes well with this hearty dish because of the intense flavours and meaty texture.

Golden fried stuffed bean curd with egg, spinach and morel mushrooms in chicken broth.

Fried rice with Cantonese style barbecue pork and shrimp.

Sweetened almond cream with egg white.

T’ang Court petit four.

The wine pairing menu will be served at lunch and dinner from 1 to 31 May 2016.

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Three Michelin Stars!

T’ang Court got its third Michelin star in the 2016 edition of the Michelin Guide Hong Kong/Macau.

The popular Hong Kong Chinese restaurant joined two other Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong, which already had three Michelin stars.

Bo Innovation is a self-described X-treme Chinese restaurant at J Residence in Wanchai, and Lung King Heen is a Cantonese restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong in Central.

Three other restaurants in Hong Kong have three Michelin stars: French restaurant L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon; Italian restaurant 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo – Bombana; and Japanese restaurant Sushi Shikon.

These six eateries are considered by many foodies to be the best restaurants in Hong Kong.


T’ang Court, The Langham, 8 Peking Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Telephone: (852) 2375-1133. Website: The Langham, Hong Kong.

The hotel is within walking distance of Canton Road, Harbour City, the Star Ferry, Ocean Terminal, Nathan Road, and the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station.

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