Phuket Challenge Comes Crashingly to a Halt

Michael Taylor still hasn't revealed how his Phuket Challenge turned out.

To recap once again: Michael was going to spend eight nights in Phuket, staying mostly at five star resorts, and each of the hotels he was booked into offered all you can eat breakfast buffets.

Michael had also been invited to dine at some restaurants serving haute cuisine most nights.

Since he usually gains weight when he travels, he decided to see if he could off set the temptations of yummy food with a full menu of challenging physical activities to maintain his weight during this trip. His Phuket Challenge came to a crashing halt on his third full day on the Southern Thai island.


My Phuket Challenge came to a crashing halt on my third full day on the Southern Thai island.

Unfortunately, I suffered a bicycling accident. I had left a five star resort on a bicycling expedition. We visited temples. We climbed a hill so steep we had to dismount and walk our bikes to the peak. And we stopped at a beach for a short rest and something to drink.

On our way back to the hotel, the person in front of me suddenly and without warning hit the brakes. To avoid crashing into him, I hit my brakes. The front wheel locked, and I was catapulted over the handlebars, flying head over heels, landing flatly on my side in front of my bicycle on the road.

Luckily, I didn't land on my head!

With torn tendons in my right shoulder and injured wrists and fingers, I wasn't able to swim or engage in other strenuous physical activities for the duration of the trip. I spent the rest of my stay in Phuket nursing my wounds.

I still had to eat. Thanks to my injuries, however, I couldn't overindulge as getting food from plate to mouth was a bit of a challenge.

I returned home eight days after I left weighing six pounds heavier. And I've been taking physical therapy – and have gained four more pounds – since.

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