Phuket Challenge: Let the Adventure Begin

I arrived at the hotel well past midnight. I was happy to see a bottle of white wine on ice and a basket a fruit awaiting my arrival.

A couple of glasses of wine later, I was off to bed. Oh, what a comfortable room to fall quickly asleep in! As usual when staying at five star resorts, I awoke bright and early the next morning.

The joy of showering au natural outdoors with a view of the Andaman Sea. – truly one of life’s most wonderful pleasures. A few moments later, a buggy was called, and I was whisked up the steep and winding pathways to the hotel’s restaurant, where a lavish breakfast buffet awaited. I took a seat on the terrace and soaked up the spectacular view of the sea far below.

I surveyed the buffet carefully. What I have learned over the years is not to pick up a plate and start piling things on it it. Take a good look at what is on offer, and plan your meal the same way you would if ordering off a menu.

In addition to the buffet, you could order off the menu, so I asked for an omelet with ham, tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, and cheese. Yummmm!!!

And then I noticed that bottle of champagne?

How to Keep Fit After a Lavish Breakfast Buffet

The hotel had not arranged any programmes for me, so I decided to start my day with a workout in the hotel’s fitness centre, followed by laps in its infinity pool for one hour.

I would then get some work done in my room. By mid afternoon, I would go into the nearby town of Kamala, look around, have a massage, and look for a place to have dinner.

On my way from the fitness centre to the pool, I passed the spa. Khun Nan, the hotel’s gym instructor, spotted me and came running outside.

“Mike, it’s so good to see you!” he said.

“You are looking very fit! Have you lost weight?”

How nice to be recognized by someone you had met 10 months earlier – especially when he notices that I have, in fact, shed 10 pounds in the interim!

As it turns out, it was Khun Nan’s day off. He had only stopped by the hotel to run an errand. He asked how long I would be staying.

“I’m checking out tomorrow,” I said.

“Oh,” he said. “In that case, I’m free this afternoon. Do you have time for a Thai kick boxing lesson ?”

Delighted, I said, “Yes, I do!”

To Be Continued

Copyright: Michael Taylor Pictured: Michael breakfasted on the terrace of the restaurant at Paresa, which affords this stunning view of the Andaman Sea Photo Credit: Michael Taylor


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