Phuket Challenge: How I Became Interested in Kickboxing

I got my introduction to Thai kick boxing 10 months ago at Indigo Pearl Phuket, where I had my first two lessons. This was followed by two lessons with Khun Nan, the fitness instructor at Paresa.

Upon my return to Hong Kong, I discovered that kick boxing was offered at Physical, the gym I work out at.

Unlike at the hotels I stayed at in Phuket, where kick boxing is treated as a marshal art, at Physical it is done to music. It is treated as aerobics rather than combat.

I was never overly coordinated. As a kid, both throwing and catching posed a serious challenge to me. For this reason, physical education was the bane of my existence throughout school.

Natural Rhythm 

If I was uncoordinated, I was blessed with a natural sense of rhythm so doing kicks and jabs and punches to disco music proved to be a highly appealing activity to me.

For the first few weeks, I would cower at the back of the class, trying to figure out which hand or foot was supposed to do what. Everyone would be moving left, and I would be moving right. Everyone would be moving backward, and I would be moving forward.

Slowly but surely I got the hang of it.

Then one magical day, one of my buddies at the back of the room suggested we go to the front of the room. A new class was being launched, and we would be the old hands in a room full of newbies – showing off our skills.

I’ve been front and centre ever since.

To Be Continued

Copyright: Michael Taylor Pictured: Khun Nan (right), the gym instructor at Paresa, teaches Michael the elementary moves of Thai kick boxing Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer


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