Phuket Challenge: Where, Pray Tell, Shall I Have Lunch?

 As Michael Taylor soon discovers, guests staying at the Westin Siray Bay Resort & Spa in Phuket, Thailand, are spoiled for choice when it comes to F&B outlets.

There are fully six restaurants, but this doesn’t augur well for his desire not to gain weight on his eight day stay in Phuket.

Can he avoid the temptation that he is faced with and not overindulge?

Didn’t he say something about “skipping lunch most days”?

 Decisions, decisions, decisions. Following my windsurfing lesson, I am developing a ravenous appetite. So where should I have lunch?

Breakfast was easy. Everyone breakfasts at Seasonal Tastes, which opens at the break of dawn (6 am) and serves up a massive breakfast buffet. There are several stations, and the spread is truly global in reach.

For lunch, I have to choose between Seasonal Tastes, with its “fresh from the market” theme, and four other outlets. One of the restaurants – Eest, with its pan-Asian menu – only opens for dinner.

Since I had experienced Seasonal Tastes not only for breakfast this morning, but also for the weekly Monday Night Barbecue last night, that leaves me with only four outlets to choose amongst: Prego by the Beach, Splash, Daily Treats, and MIX Lounge.

MIX Lounge is out. Located just off the lobby, I have already had coffee there. It isn’t really the right spot for lunch. I can stop by there for a caffeine fix later in the afternoon.

I am tempted by Prego by the Beach, which serves Italian cuisine. But I really want to save that open air eatery for dinner.

I don’t even consider Daily Treats, a deli serving quick bites, afternoon treats, gourmet sandwiches, pastries, shakes, and smoothies – among other delicacies. The fact is, I don’t know about it yet! I read about after I return to Hong Kong and start checking out the hotel’s website to write this post. It must be tucked away somewhere out of sight.


That leaves Splash. According to the hotel’s website, it is “nestled at the highest point in the resort”, and all I can say is, “They sure got that right!”

Because it is located in the same building as the hotel’s gym, I think, “Great! After lunch I can have a workout!”

But the trek up the stairs is even more challenging than trying to stand up on a wind surfboard. Perhaps I won’t need to work out after lunch after all!

(In fairness to the hotel, most guests climb those heights in golf carts.)

For lunch, I order soup made from tomatoes and avocados and share a yummy panini sandwich (pictured) with a friend. Oh, my goodness. That soup is divine. Cool, velvety, and yummy.

And the sandwich tastes even better than it looks (actually, I thought it looked a bit strange at first). But there are tomatoes, avocado, cheese, and I’m not sure what else.

And it is DELICIOUS!!!

No wonder the F&B manager suggested I try it! 

Copyright: Michael Taylor Pictured: Panini sandwich at Spash at the Westin at Siray Bay in Phuket, Thailand Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer


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