Phuket Challenge: Learning How to Windsurf – Not as Easy as It Looks!

First yoga on a terrace. Then an all you can eat buffet breakfast.

My first meal of the day on my third full day in Phuket was followed by my first ever wind surfing lesson on the beach at Siray Bay.

When I arrived on the beach, I was a bit surprised to find that only one wind surfboard had been set up.

I had expected there to be one for the teacher and one for each of the participants in the class. I figured that the teacher would demonstrate what we were supposed to do, and then we would attempt to do it.

I knew there would be at least two of us. As it turns out, there were four. So shouldn’t there have been five wind surfboards lined up neatly in a row?

As it turns out, standing up on a wind surfboard is a lot more difficult than it appears when you watch people doing it on television. The fact that there was absolutely no wind that day didn’t help.

The four of us spent the entire hour just trying to stand up. And when we finally did make it, within seconds we would all lose our balance and plunge backward into the surf.

Not sure how many calories I burned trying to stand up on that wind surfboard, but I’m sure it was enough to offset the hotel’s buffet breakfast. But lunch was just around the corner

To Be Continued

Copyright: Michael Taylor Pictured: Windsurfing Instructor at the Westin at Siray Bay in Phuket : Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer


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